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Guinataang Sitaw and Kalabasa

    Longbeans and Squash cooked in coconut milk. This is plain “guinataan” unlike the spiced-up Squash Curry I previously made. Like the squash, I made this without any meats or shrimps.  Normally, I’d put in some “alugbati” leaves but they’re unavailable where I am.  I haven’t had alugbati in years…..ohhhh…what I’d give for another taste […]


Blueberry Pie

I’m experimenting on a new pie crust recipe…just because.  Do you think it looks good?  It was really good… This one has unsalted butter and a little Crisco.  This is not my usual, plain Crisco pie crust which is a no-fail recipe I remember  my mother making with a recipe from her old American Cook […]


Baked Pork Tenderloin with Orange Raspberry Preserves and Tea

    Ahhhh…this turned out really good for something I was sure would be a disaster.  I was very low on cooking ingredients because Spouse and I are off on a business trip this week (by the time this post comes out anyway) and I like leaving the refrigerator clean when we go out of town.  My intention was to […]


Peek Into A Rhubarb Pie…

    The pie vents on the top crust were a little lopsided so I decided to use a close shot of this Rhubarb and Strawberry Pie I made for July 4th. Take a peek into the pie, please… I was reading about this vegetable in our local paper, The Gazette , and remembered a story […]


Feta Burgers

Do you have those regular burger cravings that won’t be satisfied by a quick trip to McDonald’s or Carl’s Jr.?  I do.  Before I got married, those cravings were easily satisfied by a quick trip to McDonald’s, Jollibee and even Tropical Hut.  Then Spouse had to introduce me to homemade American burgers that I once […]


Osso Buco

I’ve been cooking a lot of heavy dishes the past few days.  ‘Tis the season for all those rich recipes to come out and Osso Buco served over plain-boiled polenta sounds perfect for another cold, snowy day in Colorado…. Yesterday morning, Spouse and I went up to Denver and drove through the beautiful and cold […]


Clubhhouse Sandwich

    What’s in your clubhouse sandwich?  Do you even belong to a club?  Whether or not you do, I’m sure you’re familiar with the Clubhouse Sandwich.  Apparently, different clubs have different ingredients in their clubhouse sandwich.


Everyday Paella

I’m calling this an Everyday Paella because the ingredients are just things I normally have in my pantry.  No special bomba rice, no seafood.  I omit shrimps in the recipe owing to my crustacean allergy.  Although, we did have a shrimp gambas to go with this, just so Spouse was happier with this simple paella.


Masakan Indonesia: Nasi Goreng

We’ve all heard of this popular Indonesian dish at one time or another.  Before living in Jakarta for a short duration, my idea of Nasi Goreng was what’s called “Java Rice” – a bright orange-colored rice dish usually served with barbecued chicken at a popular Philippine chain of restaurants called Aristocrat. Of course, when you […]


Mango Salsa, Big Game Restaurant

  I had my first taste of mango salsa at a restaurant in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina.  It was the site of the old Trawler Restaurant which Spouse visited years ago.  We were there in early December last year and just went around the Shem Creek area trying to locate the old place but it was […]

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Cast Iron Skillet

  I just love my cast iron skillet! I got it for under $25 at the ever-reliable Walmart a few months back and have used it several times since. This is a 12-inch skillet by Lodge Logic of Tennessee.  This company has been in business since 1896, so you can be assured they know what […]


Silicone Bundt Pan

I just tried this  Hamilton Beach Professional Rose Bunt (sic) Pan that I got at the outlet store, Kitchen Collection.  Original price was $9.99 and a comparable price on the tag says $12.99. The store gave us a very reasonable price of $4.47 (not including sales tax) mainly because we braved the crowds at the […]


Fish Fry Pan

  I’m so happy to report  I finally got a fish pan for my kitchen!  It’s a 12-inch oval fry pan by Wolfgang Puck that also comes with a lid.   I got it for a very good bargain on Ebay, new but not flawless.  It had some scratches on the handle…something I wouldn’t have noticed if I wasn’t so anal about handwashing […]


Pots and Pans Crazy

It’s hard to imagine a frying pan getting controversial but it did in one popular food blog. I’ve never met anyone who was so sensitive that the mere mention of a certain type of pan could send them ballistic and rabid. I don’t think I want to meet anyone like that. The incident really caught […]

Salads They Will Love



    I don’t know why I never featured Coleslaw here before.  Its one of our staples.   This one in the photo was drier than my usual since it had about half the mayo I usually put.  I’ve consciously been lessening meal portions and trimming some fats from a lot of recipes in the hopes that it will make […]


Easy, Everyday Salad

    Here’s an interesting alternative to your everyday garden salad with bottled ranch dressing.  It’s easy to prepare, but not quite as simple as opening that bottled dressing. Like most things in the kitchen, a little bit of effort will be well worth it…which you’ll only realize in the eating. With the kalamata olives […]


Eat Your Vegetables!

Do you like eating raw vegetables that’s not lettuce or tomatoes?  Just the thought of it used to send shivers up my spine. But then, I was put to shame by my pseudo-grandkids a few years ago.  Their mom likes serving crudites with dips on occasion and it would’ve been embarrassing if I didn’t at […]


Tuna Salad with Farfalle

    I was trying to follow a recipe for this pasta salad but ended up making it my own way.  A cold pasta salad is always a perfect summer dish. This one is particularly healthy and light with the tuna and vegetables.


Shrimp Salad

    This Shrimp Salad definitely qualifies as an easy summer lunch.  It requires a minimum of cooking, plus, it’s very light and cooling on a hot summer day.  I love that it looks so appetizing too. There have been heatwaves in both US coasts the last few weeks.  Thankfully, the summer has been pretty mild […]

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