Clotted Cream



When I was a kid, my sisters and I could spend hours talking about things we’d just heard or read about.  Our favorite topic was always food. Of course, we would stray sometimes and talk about the usual stuff, places or things and activites or something.  But we would always go back to food, especially if it was something we’d just read about.  I don’t know if all families are this way….but we were.  We still are actually. Continue reading “Clotted Cream”

Garlic, Spinach & Cheese Mushrooms


This was sooo good, even I was surprised!  The recipe is my own concoction based on several recipes I’ve been looking at in various websites.  This has spinach, garlic, mozarella and feta cheeses.  The combination was just as I had imagined it – perfect!

I just hope I can do it as well the next time since it’s one of those “a little bit of this or that” kind of recipes…. Continue reading “Garlic, Spinach & Cheese Mushrooms”

Summer and Strawberries

It’s summer again soon and the strawberries are getting sweeter.  I’ve been buying a pint every week to go with the breakfast cereal, yoghurt and even oatmeal.

This morning, I was preparing to slice some up when I noticed how oddly shaped some of them are.  Here’s a plateful of some pretty, but odd-shaped ones.  I put in a couple of  regular-lookers for contrast.  Can you tell which ones they are?





This Filipino dish was one of the first ones I learned to cook. It’s pretty simple and follows the very basic Philippine saute then braise manner of cooking.

This particular recipe uses chicken breasts but you can use pork or a combination of pork and chicken, which is how we always had it at home.  It may look like a Chicken Cacciatore with all the bell peppers, but there’s one big difference  – fish sauce.  We use fish sauce to flavor this dish and it works very well.

Continue reading “Afritada”

Portugese Sopa de Grao



I’ve always been a soup person, and it’s a real surprise for me to find that not everyone is. Soups can be a whole, heavy meal in itself or a light lunch or in-between snack.  This soup of Portugese origins is a meal all by itself, light enough but substantial depending on how you make it.  Best of all, I think it’s pretty healthy.

The soup is called Sopa de Grao which translates to Cork-Stripper’s Pottage.  As you know, Portugal produces most of the world’s cork.  Cork is produced by first stripping the bark from the cork trees and hence the need for Cork-Strippers.  I can just imagine cork-strippers working under  the glare of the Portugese sun, while a big pot of Sopa cooks by a wood fire nearby.  Or do they have them delivered to the workplace these days?  You know…like that Soup Peddler on a bicycle from Austin, Texas… Continue reading “Portugese Sopa de Grao”