Feta Burgers

Do you have those regular burger cravings that won’t be satisfied by a quick trip to McDonald’s or Carl’s Jr.?  I do.  Before I got married, those cravings were easily satisfied by a quick trip to McDonald’s, Jollibee and even Tropical Hut.  Then Spouse had to introduce me to homemade American burgers that I once regarded as bland,  uninspired  ground beef slabs of dubious origins.  

For the record, this is not a gourmet burger  made with freshly-ground sirloin or angus beef.  It’s a housewife’s version made for maximum convenience and flavor. I do not ground my own burger meat, yet.  I do prefer a mix of 81% and 96% lean ground beef. The 93% lean ground is just too dry.  I also prefer the meat to be unfrozen.  In a pinch, no one will stop you from making burgers out of ground beef from your freezer of course, and I have done that.  But burger meat that’s been frozen is drier somehow. Continue reading “Feta Burgers”