5 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

Do you REALLY want to know? Oh heck, why not. I was tagged a long time ago by none other than my Spouse aka Mr. GPS.

Funny that he tagged me….you’d think being married to me and being with me almost 24/7 for most of the past five and a half years, he’d be tired of me. Do I even have things he doesn’t know about me?

Ohhhh…of course I do. My mother always told her daughters to keep a little bit of yourself just for yourself….

Let’s see, what can I share with you?

1. I think I have ugly feet and always strove to hide them whenever I could. Now I’ve learned to live with them and can now have regular pedicures (egads! do they really have to touch your feet?!) when I wouldn’t even expose my feet in the past. If you ask me now, I can honestly say my feet aren’t so ugly.

2. The biggest influence in my life are the strong women in my family: my grandmother, my mother, my eldest sister and my many aunts.

3. I’m the eternal optimist even if it doesn’t seem like I am. The first thing I think of when faced with problems is always, “What’s the worst possible scenario and how do I handle it?” If that question can be answered, you’re never in trouble.

4. I used to love reading but had to cut back drastically because of a seizure disorder that suddenly and mysteriously befell me in my teens. Reading seemed to be the one activity I was doing previous to a seizure. The seizures stopped just as suddenly and mysteriously as they came. I consider that whole experience my personal miracle because it taught me so much and made me a much stronger person.

5. My favorite quotation is from my mother – where she got it, I have no clue. I’ll share it with you and hope you appreciate the lesson in it: “Trials in life are the irritants that will make you turn into the pearl you were meant to be.”