Lentil, Chorizo and Spinach Soup

It’s getting cooler in Colorado!  Autumn officially arrives tonight (as of this writing), the 22nd of September.  But we’ve been getting some cool days for quite a few weeks now.  Today was a particularly cold and wet one. 

A thick soup sounded perfect for lunch so I scrounged around my pantry and freezer to see what I could put together.  Luckily, I had leftover diced ham, frozen chopped spinach, some Goya chorizo links and dry lentils.  Sounds like the start of a good soup….

This soup is a no-name, no-recipe soup really.  It’s based on the Portugese Sopa de Grao and the Filipino Munggo Guisado.  What I did was throw in some chopped onion (a quarter of a cup), about a quarter cup of diced ham, half  a chorizo sausage which I also diced  and a cup and a half of dried lentils. Covered all that with some cold water, added sea salt and black pepper and let that simmer away on the stove.  I dropped in a whole pack of chopped frozen spinach when the lentils were done.  Seasoned it with salt and pepper and paprika.

Ladled the soup into individual bowls, sprinkled with more paprika and extra virgin olive oil.  Perfect to warm you up in the middle of a cold day!

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