Arce Dairy’s Green Tea Ice Cream

I was at Hi-Top Supermarket along Quezon Avenue in Quezon City with Eldest and Youngest Sisters, the Father, the Spouse, the Nephews and Eldest Sister’s Youngest Daughter on Maundy Thursday. Hi-Top is one of my old stomping grounds and I’ll write more about it when I have a photo to go with the post. For now, take a look at the ice cream photo here. Have you seen a greener ice cream?! If you’re Filipino, you’d probably answer in the affirmative. We’ve all had Avocado Ice Cream after all. Yes, you read right – Avocado Ice Cream.

I was looking at Hi-Top’s selection of ice creams and found it very interesting indeed. They have more flavors and brands, including Häagen Dazs and what I thought was no longer manufactured, Magnolia Ice Cream! I actually have to check on that info again on my next visit because I still can’t believe it.

Their selection from Arce Dairy was also very interesting, they had more flavors than I’ve seen anywhere. I picked up a half-gallon of their Green Tea Ice Cream just for kicks. I’ve read about all sorts of things flavored with Green Tea and even tried a green tea ice cream in some Japanese restaurant years ago. I was not very impressed and wondered what all the fuss was about. Could Arce Dairy do it better perhaps?

No one can, not for me anyway. Eating this ice cream was like eating through a Lipton tea bag! The texture was not smooth, it felt like there was this fine powder all throughout what should’ve been creamy goodness.

Then Spouse, who lived in Japan a few years, tells me that this ice cream reminded him of the free green tea from green tea vending machines along Japanese toll highway stops. The machine apparently spits out hot water into a cup and follows it with another of powdered green tea. You then mix it with a wooden spoon, but the powdery green tea leaves remains and leaves a fine grittiness in your mouth. So this wasn’t all alien to him.

But it was to me. I just didn’t take to it. Some people will like it I’m sure. I’m more of an Earl Grey hot tea person I guess.

And the color was just a complete turn-off. Seriously, I’ve never seen green tea THAT green ever. Spouse and I were having a lot of laughs about it while we were eating and exchanging big, green toothy smiles.

A little lighter on the green and I probably would take this ice cream more seriously.

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  1. iba iba talaga taste ng tao. for my wife and me, we find the arce green tea ice cream wonderful. sa unang tikim, hindi mo mahuli yung lasa, hanggang sa naubos na yung kalahating galon, hehe. pero agree ako sa sinabi mo about the color. medyo overkill nga yung pagka green! it’s still at the top of the our list of favorite ice cream flavors. nice picture, by the way!

  2. arpee, oo nga eh…when I read your review of this ice cream it made me smile (minus the green). it’s not bad at all..just not my kinda ice cream. mas macapuno and buko sherbet pala ako!

    have you tried their coffee ice cream? it’s still the same…ang sarap pa din…

  3. i hear u about the green..when i first saw the picture, i thought it wasn’t real. since i like everything green tea, i may like this ice cream. too bad they don’t have it here.

  4. i find arce’s green tea ice cream ok, you can also try FIC’ green tea ice cream, half gallon sells for P280, price higher than arce.

  5. any wayz.. kanya2 tau ng taste .. di ko p xa na-try (green tea flavor) but i tried some flavors of arce dairy’s products… i like coffee crumble thats the best and also mango … yun lang…

  6. yeah the green is a little too green…
    thou taste is a wee bit alien if your not familiar with it…
    arce’s dark chocolate and coffee crumble, the sherbets and sugar-frees are world champions

  7. arce was the first owner of selecta ice cream but because there’s something happened so many years ago they sold it.. and then they established another company which is related or somehow the same from their old business..the ice cream..i just knew it…in television…^_^

  8. hi leya, you’re right. selecta was always the quality brand of ice cream. it was unavailable for years and we turned to magnolia. i was very surprised when the Arce family sold the Selcta brand was sold to RFM. i hear one branch of the family started a new company and so we still have the ice cream flavors I used to enjoy as a very young kid…thank goodness!

  9. hay naku d pa ako nakakain nang ice nang ace hope makatikim ako ngaun hehehehe…i will try ung avocado.. it also inspire me na ung crush ko na love ko nagtratrabaho jan na company,, hope mapansin nya ako.hehhehe

  10. No way! I love green tea ice cream–especially Arce Dairy’s. I felt ridiculous after knowing that Dairy Queen no longer offers their matcha green tea moolate. Guess I’m the only buyer, lol.

    The green powdery stuff that leaves the after taste is matcha. If only I can get my hands on one here… >:D

    Another Arce Dairy favorite: blueberry cheesecake.

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