A More Rustic Apple Pie



I made this pie for Spouse’s birthday last week.  I intended for it to be more rustic than my usual apple pie.  Then I went just a little overboard and put in a secret ingredient.

First of all, I used cream and a sprinkling of granulated sugar instead of an eggwash to brown the crust.  I like the unevenness it gave.

Then this pie has apples piled high so I couldn’t crimp the crust as I normally would.  This made my pie crust much thinner than I normally make.  While I used the same basic recipe, this time I put in more apples for that rustic effect.  I even saw a pie once where the top crust was just sitting on top of the apples because it was such a “high pie”.

Then I poured over some cream over the apples before I sealed it.  I was tempted to sprinkle some brown sugar but there will be other times to try that.

One thing I won’t change is the ice cream I serve with it.  For me, it will always be Dreyer’s Vanilla Bean.

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  1. Charles, it’s not hard at all….just be easy on the crust and treat it very lightly. if you’re new at it, use all shortening like Crisco cause it’s easier to work with….then graduate to butter.

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