Achuete and Achuete Oil



Achuete is a common cooking ingredient in the Philippines. It’s used as a coloring agent for a variety of popular dishes.  I do think it has a flavor all its own, very subtle but distinct.  For certain dishes like Pancit Malabon, kare-kare and chicken inasal, achuete is an essential ingredient.

I made some achuete oil for the chicken inasal I posted about yesterday.  It’s very simple to make, just gently heat up some vegetable oil with some achuete seeds in a pan and strain for future use.  For certain dishes, you can also add some hot broth or water to a few tablespoons of the seeds and swirl it around till the liquid has turned a deep orange.

Now that I’m writing this post, I was pleasantly surprised to find that even Emeril has a recipe for this Annato Oil and Paste!



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  1. Did achuete actually affect the food’s taste? By the way, I like that bacolod chicken inasal.

  2. Aries, I think it does. The best way to find out is to compare by cooking two batches of the chicken – one without the oil and one with the oil. mmm…I just might try that…

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