Almond Butter Cake



This cake was a big surprise. Despite the knowledge that butter cakes are always good cake recipes, this was outstanding.  I didn’t even bother to sprinkle any confectioner’s sugar on it for the photo after I tasted a crumb from the pan. No embellishments for this cake…a cup of tea, coffee or a glass of milk maybe.

I thought for sure I made a flop because I didn’t do my usual adjustments for high altitude baking, except for the addition of a tablespoon of flour. My cake looked like it caved in on me but it didn’t matter when I took it out from the oven and had a whiff of that almond. The cake was dense and moist and tasted delicious with that luscious almond flavor.



The recipe came from the almond paste and marzipan manufacturer, Odense.  I got a box of their almond paste out of curiosity once and looked for a recipe. This particular one was reputed to be an all-around favorite so I picked it.  You’ll understand why it’s a favorite when you try it.

Spouse and I already had a slice each and I’ve wrapped the rest tightly so it will survive its recommended one week shelf life.

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