Asparagus and Scallop Spaghetti



My inspiration for this dish was the Shrimp and Scallops Pasta Spouse had at Cucina Colore last month.  It looked so good but I couldn’t taste it because it had shrimps.  Of course, there’s always a way to re-create a dish to suit you and so I did…and I even made it better with the addition of asparagus.

That dish from Cucina Colore had almost fresh sun-dried tomatoes which I suspect they do themselves at the restaurant premises.  I intended for this dish to be lighter in flavor so I used fresh tomatoes and tossed it in at the last minute.

This was a simple saute of all the ingredients in one pan.  You start with a little olive oil over medium-high heat, add the scallops and lightly brown them.  Take out as they brown so they don’t overcook.  Then add some minced garlic and chili flakes.  Stir a few seconds, careful not to brown the garlic.  Add the asparagus and add salt and stir a minute or two.  Splash some white wine, or broth and let everything cook about two to three minutes.  Then add some roasted bell peppers, a diced tomato and the cooked scallops.  Add some pasta water before putting in the cooked noodles so you have a little “sauce” to work with.  Take your pan off the heat and stir in some chopped parsley and add a dash or mre of extra virgin olive oil.  Serve immediately.