Bretto’s Fine Meat and Deli Shop – Angeles City, Pampanga (Post 1)

We found this pretty well-stocked little delicatessen along Fields Avenue some weeks back. There’s also a restaurant on the premises that serves Italian, Australian and some Filipino dishes. That Beef and Mushroom Pie pictured here is one of their specialties – absolutely delicious.They also have sangas – an Australian sub sandwich which we still have to try. The place is called Bretto’s and is located right on Fields Avenue, outside Clark. You can’t miss it, it’s sitting right next to a huge water tank with the inscription “Agua Tiempo” written on it.

Spouse and I have taken regular trips to Angeles City, Pampanga since our move. The drive is a breeze with the upgraded North Luzon Expressway…pretty much like driving on a US interstate….a far cry from what it was just a few years ago. It only takes about an hour from Meycauayan to the Dau exit – with one rest stop to spare.

We’ve taken drives, just the two of us and tried out the Veteran’s of Foreign Wars-run VFW Restaurant where Spouse has gotten his fill of American food. We’ve also taken my parents, Youngest Sister and her 2 toddlers.

It’s such a delight to travel with my nephews (aged 1 and 2.5 years), they’re never cranky even when we made the 3-hour trek to Zambales to visit my mom’s brother now retired there. And they absolutely love road trips with vehicles zipping past us, the scenery and skies. One time, we even spied a huge and stately-looking dark brown horse on an open trailer. We got stuck in traffic at the Candaba viaduct which is undergoing repairs. But even that did not get the boys down. They just had more time to inspect the big busses and trucks that were stuck with us…funny how kids are fascinated by things we normally take for granted….like a truck’s under chassis for instance….
On this trip, we first went to a playground within the Clark compound where they had an old helicopter and a few planes on display. Of course the kids went gaga over that…not the playground – the planes! The adults enjoyed the clear blue skies, the cooler than normal weather and clean, clean air. I have to admit, I’ve only been to Metro Manila a couple of times since we arrived. I just can’t stand the pollution anymore. It’s gotten so much dirtier since I once went on my daily commute to the city over 6 years ago.

But back to the deli, it was a wonderful find that Spouse and I made a few weeks back. The food is delicious, the place is clean and well-lit – I always appreciate that. The deli well-stocked with steaks and fresh meat, cured meats and sausages, cheeses (wish they had more though – I’m missing provolone!), turkey, a goose even, some imported foodstuffs, vegetables, wines and freshly baked breads. The restaurant staff is very friendly, we have a regular waitress who recognizes us on just our second visit. The deli girls could smile more though….just for the heck of it?

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  1. What’s the name of the restaurant? Bretto’s as well? Also, if you could recommend a good fine dining restaurant in the area (angeles city) I would gladly appreciate it! Thanks 🙂

  2. yes cookie, the restaurant and deli is in one building and is called Bretto’s. it’s located along fields avenue and you really can’t miss it with a large water tank right next to it.

    i’m not much into fine dining in angeles city since our jaunts are usually very casual. bretto’s and the VFW restaurant both have steaks in their menu though…worth a try for at least one date night.

  3. I took my partner to Brettos this morning for breakfast (19-6-2013)
    I ordered an Aussie Breakfast. They could not have got it more wrong even if they tried!
    On the menu they state toast with butter, this was two half buns with no butter,the fried eggs were hard,the bacon which I added to the order was fried beyond recognition.The first cup of brewed coffee was good as they used fresh milk but when they ran out of milk they used UHT milk which I think tastes wrong. I would not dine there again as its never as advertised!!!

    1. @ herb kohler

      Thanks for the update, Herb. I haven’t been to Brettos in some time now. The original owner died some time back and it’s sad to see the new owners apparently aren’t keeping up the standards. I’ll visit there again soon.

  4. Ah the original owner died! That’s it! The pies now taste like cardboard so too the sausage rolls. Most things to buy on shelf are near expiry and taste AWEFUL (mild peppers, weetbix, for examples). Really the place has gone to the SHITE. For the best pies, pasties and sausage rolls try FRED’s pies next door. NO more BRETTO’s

    1. @ Hawkeye,

      Thanks for that update. Funny how these comment streams go on for years, because at the time this article was originally written, the owner was very much alive (although perhaps not well, I didn’t really ask) and was trying to sell three stores, either singly or individually. Sorry to hear he has now passed on.

      Thanks for the tip about Fred’s, we’ll certainly give it a try next time we are in Angeles.

  5. hey I was there in February 2013 …and although I do enjoy the steak pies e.t.c. …during February I was really mostly just enjoying a soup was pea n’ ham soup ..n’ I could’nt fault fact nxt February I’ll have it again..

    1. @ Tommy,

      Thanks for sharing. I’m afraid it’s become too darn dirty of a place for me, now, but there are some sausages, meat pies and such that you can’t find elsewhere, for sure.

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