Bretto’s Fine Meat & Deli Shop – Angeles, Pamapanga (Post 2)

Brats and potato salad.Yup, those are both bratwursts served with a Potato Salad. The lighter one is a veal brat and the darker one is pork. Both seemed to be deep-fried which made them split from their casings. Spouse said he never tasted a more authentic veal bratwurst since he lived in Germany. I thought that was an amazing statement considering that was a very, very long time ago. He’s had a few veal brats since then I can tell you. But to say that of a veal brat from a little place in Angeles City, Pampanga was definitely the most surprising of all. Their Potato Salad was good but I personally think it would have been better with a little less mayo.

Youngest Sister tried the Rissoles that was served with gravy and vegetables. It was surprisingly good for what was essentially meatballs in gravy. The serving was huge too!

When we were ordering Youngest Sister was asking me what they were and I had no idea at all. I never heard of nor had a rissole in my life. Apparently, this is another Australian dish. The rissoles at Bretto’s had some starch extenders that made it tender and luscious. I think the babies had a little of it too. They’re not usually meat-eaters but they were able to gobble (or whatever babies do) some of it down. Their mommy loved it too…and so did I as a matter of fact.