Cantaloupe or Melon?



This is what we call a melon in the Philippines. We know other people call it a cantaloupe, but we still call it a melon.

This particular one is from somewhere in California, like most fruits we get in Colorado grocery stores.  It was VERY sweet.  Cantaloupes and any kind of melon needs warm, dry weather because sugars in the fruit are concentrated in this kind of weather.  It’s certainly been dry and hot on the West Coast.  I think the little town of Rocky Ford in Colorado grows the sweetest I’ve ever tasted in my life – bar none….not even this one.

The Rocky Ford cantaloupes and melons are?not found on?grocery shelves here yet, soon though.  Rocky Ford is well-known all over the state and hordes of people from all over will drive hours just to get to the farmer’s markets in the Southeast portion of Colorado.

This has been the wettest summer I’ve ever experienced in Colorado.  I’m hoping the melons from Rocky Ford aren’t going to suffer because of that…