Fish Fry Pan


I’m so happy to report  I finally got a fish pan for my kitchen!  It’s a 12-inch oval fry pan by Wolfgang Puck that also comes with a lid.   I got it for a very good bargain on Ebay, new but not flawless.  It had some scratches on the handle…something I wouldn’t have noticed if I wasn’t so anal about handwashing my favorite pots and pans.  But I got it for only half its market price.  So yes, it was a very good deal at $15.00, including shipping. Continue reading “Fish Fry Pan”

Pots and Pans Crazy

Cast Iron Skillet

It’s hard to imagine a frying pan getting controversial but it did in one popular food blog. I’ve never met anyone who was so sensitive that the mere mention of a certain type of pan could send them ballistic and rabid. I don’t think I want to meet anyone like that.

The incident really caught me offguard. It’s a pan for goodness’ sake! Some people can afford better ones and that doesn’t prove anything so I cannot understand how having a certain pan can earn someone the label “elitist” – fortunate maybe, but elitist?

It also brought forth all my pots and pans fantasies back to the forefront of consciousness. It’s not unsound to have obssessive desires for pots and pans, is it? If it is, pardon me please. Seriously though, an obssessive desire for certain pots and pans does not make a loony out of us who obssess about it. Honestly.  To buy Food Pans visit

IMO, it’s all part of natural evolution. Just look back at man’s ascent (?) from those days we were all monkeys. As we evolved to become bi-peds, we learned to hunt and became nomads roaming the earth for the best game. Then we settled down and toiled the earth for our living. Ancient man must have come up with some kinds of tools for making the pre-civilization housewife happy. Otherwise, civilization would not have progressed to where we are now.

Continue reading “Pots and Pans Crazy”

Silicone Bundt Pan

I just tried this  Hamilton Beach Professional Rose Bunt (sic) Pan that I got at the outlet store, Kitchen Collection.  Original price was $9.99 and a comparable price on the tag says $12.99. The store gave us a very reasonable price of $4.47 (not including sales tax) mainly because we braved the crowds at the Castlerock Outlet Mall the day after Christmas.

Spouse managed to schmooze the cashier/manager while we were checking out and even got us an additional 10% discount….a “just because you’re cute” discount I like to call it. Continue reading “Silicone Bundt Pan”

Cast Iron Skillet



I just love my cast iron skillet! I got it for under $25 at the ever-reliable Walmart a few months back and have used it several times since. This is a 12-inch skillet by Lodge Logic of Tennessee.  This company has been in business since 1896, so you can be assured they know what they’re doing.

There are a few things to remember about cast iron cookware so it will remain virtually non-stick. Teflon-coated pans emit harmful chemicals if not properly heated.  Yup, there’s a price for that perfect fried egg you cook for breakfast in your teflon pan. Continue reading “Cast Iron Skillet”