Mami: Philippine Chicken Noodle Soup


I finally made a Chicken Mami that satisfied my craving for this very common Filipino dish.  The noodles were always the key, for me anyway, and it so happened that I found a good brand of noodles at the Filipino Sari-Sari Store today.

Chicken and noodles go so well together every country probably has its own version.  In Southeast Asia, the chicken noodle soup you’ll find is most certainly Chinese in origin.  Mie is the Chinese word for noodles.  So in Indonesia, Malaysia  and Singapore, this dish is called Mie Ayam or Chicken Noodle.  It’s only the Philippines where there came a slight change.  Continue reading “Mami: Philippine Chicken Noodle Soup”

Giniling na Baka, Turo-Turo Style



Remember this dish? If you’re Filipino and grew up in the Philippines, you would.  If not, check out a cheap carinderia or turo-turo in any street corner in Metro Manila and chances are you’ll find it.  It’s cheap, it can feed a crowd depending on three variables:  how much rice you servewith it; how much potatoes are in the dish and how salty you make the dish. It has raisins to satisfy that infamous Filipino sweet tooth.  Now do you remember?

Funny how I forgot about this dish until I was reading some Pinoy college kids’ blog where it was mentioned. I served this particular one with steamed brown rice which turned out to be a good pairing.  Actually, Spouse liked it very much and asked me why I never cooked it before. Well, now I have… Continue reading “Giniling na Baka, Turo-Turo Style”

Philippine-Style Potato Salad



The Potato Salads I’ve had in the US are just plain potatoes with mayo, mustard, onions and dill pickles….pretty boring I thought. Filipinos do potato salad a bit differently.

I only realized this when I brought a huge bowl to an outdoor, going-away barbecue for my husband’s former officemate. Everyone looked at my salad and said, “Oh this is different, I have to try this.”  Sitting close to my salad was another bowl of the plain potato salad.  Right there and then, my eyes were opened to the Filipino flair for drama and color…even in our potato salad.

Continue reading “Philippine-Style Potato Salad”




This Filipino dish was one of the first ones I learned to cook. It’s pretty simple and follows the very basic Philippine saute then braise manner of cooking.

This particular recipe uses chicken breasts but you can use pork or a combination of pork and chicken, which is how we always had it at home.  It may look like a Chicken Cacciatore with all the bell peppers, but there’s one big difference  – fish sauce.  We use fish sauce to flavor this dish and it works very well.

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Masakan Indonesia: Nasi Goreng

We’ve all heard of this popular Indonesian dish at one time or another.  Before living in Jakarta for a short duration, my idea of Nasi Goreng was what’s called “Java Rice” – a bright orange-colored rice dish usually served with barbecued chicken at a popular Philippine chain of restaurants called Aristocrat.

Of course, when you find yourself in the land of exotic spices and heady, fragrant smells and scents,  you have to try the real thing, the thing the locals eat on a regular basis – streetfood.

I love streetfood.  I will take it anyday in any country, even if it landed me in a hospital once.  Oh, but that’s another story…maybe for another day. Continue reading “Masakan Indonesia: Nasi Goreng”