Indonesian Products in a Filipino Store

I ran out of Filipino cooking staples, fish sauce (patis) and soy sauce (toyo) and went to my local Filipino Store on South Academy Boulevard here in the Springs.? Since I am determined to start cooking  more Indonesian recipes, the plan was to stop by another Asian grocery in the area to pick up the essential ABC Kecap Manis.

Well, lo and behold….the Filipino Sari-Sari Store had it right there in their shelves and I didn’t have to go around looking!

Here’s a photo of two important Indonesian ingredients. Kecap Manis and Fried Red Onions.

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More Ice Cream

These are the two best ice creams I’d recommend to go with pies and pastries – Dreyer’s Vanilla Bean and Haagen-Dazs Dulce de Leche.

Steak Dinner

This was the Steak Dinner we had last night, with a few of the ingredients I used to prepare the meal. I have to admit, the steak was not perfectly medium the way I planned it….more medium-well, which is not all that perfect for a piece of good steak.  I used a little under a pound of top sirloin in two pieces.  
Heat your cast iron pan over medium high heat while peppering the steaks.  There’s no need for oil if your pan is well-seasoned.  A few minutes on each side, then top with a reduction of  steak sauce and into the oven to broil for about 5 minutes (not 10 as I did last night) and you should have perfect medium cooked steaks.
I used a steak sauce from Andria’s Restaurant in O”Fallon, Illinois to top the steaks.  This restaurant serves great steaks with a crusty top.  Their secret is not just the sauce but the flame grilling method of cooking their steaks.  For a final touch, they say they put a dab of butter on the grilling steak and it flames and puffs up the steak.  I tried doing this in the past but cannot do it indoors safely.  Don’t ask….just take my word for it, it isn’t safe to do that indoors.

Going All Chocolate-y

My favorite Filipina food blogger once wrote about a German Chocolate called Ritter Sport which I’d never heard of before.  On my regular commissary run for that week, I chanced upon this same brand.  I don’t know why I waited to try it until today.  But I’m thankful I did.

The Swiss-made Lindt was always my favorite chocolate brand.  No matter what the flavor was, it’s always consistently excellent.  Flavor, texture, even their packaging is fine and tasteful.  Whenever someone I knew was going to Switzerland, this was the best “pasalubong” to request.  But now that I’ve discovered Ritter Sport, I’m tempted to change my mind. Continue reading “Going All Chocolate-y”

Lee Iacocca’s Olivio Premium Spread and the Diabetes Connection

On our last visit to Younger Sister in Florida last Thanksgiving, she handed us a tub of Olivio Premium Spread for our toast at breakfast.  I was first intrigued by the packaging because it carried Lee Iacocca’s name on it.  But when she told me that it was made from olive oil, I got even more intrigued.  My first taste convinced me that this was the one product I would always choose to have on my toast.  No matter who makes it, or what it’s made of, IT IS DELICIOUS.  it doesn’t hurt that it is also has 85 percent less saturated fat than butter and is cholesterol-free. Continue reading “Lee Iacocca’s Olivio Premium Spread and the Diabetes Connection”

Ben & Jerry’s Peanut Butter Cup

Thank goodness for unpredictable Colorado weather!  It got warm enough for Spouse and I to indulge in a pint of another untested flavor of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

This time we decided to try “Peanut Butter Cup” and were not disappointed.

My first spoonful reminded me of “Choc-Nut”, my favorite Philippine sweet.  Choc-Nut was the reward I got from the sari-sari store owner off 11th Street?in New Manila. My yaya would take the day’s pig slop from my grandmother’s household to the store owner who had her little pigpen in her backyard.  I was just a toddler but remember accompanying my yaya and being handed a Choc-Nut or two when we said our good byes.  I have always loved Choc-Nut.  I found it in a Filipino store here once but was disappointed to find the Choc-Nut had gone old and stale. Continue reading “Ben & Jerry’s Peanut Butter Cup”