Cupcakes For Sale


Eldest Sister was contacted by a lady acquaintance about providing pastries and snacks for her office some weeks back. First thing she does is yell for some help from Youngest Sister and myself so we obliged and came up with some items we thought were appropriate for an all-day office snack tray…nothing fancy. We came up with gigantic oatmeal raisin cookies, red velvet cupcakes, individual chicken pot pies and food for the gods bars.

We took one day to do everything and boy, we were a mess! We were just a happy mess with nieces and little nephews running around checking on us or demanding attention, Spouse sleeping on one of Eldest Sister’s sofas trying to stay out of the way, a frantic Eldest Sister who managed to make a batch of bread at 4 a.m., a focused Younger Sister…don’t even ask about me…I was just there for the ride. Continue reading “Cupcakes For Sale”