The Butterfly Effect

I got tagged by Scott of Real Epicurean for this meme called,  “The Butterfly Effect”   It was originally dreamed up by Dan Perlman of Salt Shaker and will give you a good peek into how and why a blog author got interested in food….

Here’s how it works,  I pick one most important thing for each category and explain how it affected me, perhaps not in any earth-shaking way.   So, here’s the list of catgories: 

1. An ingredient;
2. A dish, a recipe;
3. A meal (in a restaurant, a home, or elsewhere);
4. A cookbook or other written work;
5. A food “personality” (chef, writer, etc.) and,
6. Another person in your life Continue reading “The Butterfly Effect”

Around The World

I’ve been sooo neglectful of this blog… what with the trip to the Philippines (where I didn’t take any food photos!), spring (lovely here in Colorado!) activities, work and …mmmm…running out of excuses now…

I have been cooking anyways and taking a few photos.  So, I suppose I can declare this blog back and open for business!

Iska of Edible Experiments tagged me more than a week ago for this food bloggers meme.  Frankly, I don’t know what a “meme” is….I’m guessing it’s like a chain letter that you have to forward or you’ll get bad luck.  I hope not!  Just in case though…here goes:

1.  Please list three recipes you have recently bookmarked from foodblogs to try.

This is not from a foodblog, and I cannot recall where I got the recipe but I bookmarked Tarte Tatin when I started this blog early this year.

Poulet ala Creme from Jacques Pepin and the only recipe from a foodblog I bookmarked is a Chicken and Chinese Sausage Rice from Babe in the City – KL.  I’ve done this dish before but wanted to try this particular version.

2.  A foodblog in your vicinity.

There’s Little Corner of Mine right here in the Springs authored by a Malaysian stay-at-home mom.

3.  A foodblog far from you.

That would be Zita who is way down under in Australia…

4. A foodblog you have discovered recently and where did you find it.?

Domestic Goddess of Canada – I love how simple her blog is!  I cannot recall exactly how I found her…this was some months back and I haven’t been surfing food blogs lately.

5. Any foodbloggers you want to tag with this meme.

Nope, I’m pretty new at this and don’t really know a lot of food bloggers out there. Next time…for sure!