Giniling na Baka, Turo-Turo Style



Remember this dish? If you’re Filipino and grew up in the Philippines, you would.  If not, check out a cheap carinderia or turo-turo in any street corner in Metro Manila and chances are you’ll find it.  It’s cheap, it can feed a crowd depending on three variables:  how much rice you servewith it; how much potatoes are in the dish and how salty you make the dish. It has raisins to satisfy that infamous Filipino sweet tooth.  Now do you remember?

Funny how I forgot about this dish until I was reading some Pinoy college kids’ blog where it was mentioned. I served this particular one with steamed brown rice which turned out to be a good pairing.  Actually, Spouse liked it very much and asked me why I never cooked it before. Well, now I have… Continue reading “Giniling na Baka, Turo-Turo Style”

A Roast in the Pot!


This used to be a weekly staple when Spouse and I were newly married almost 5 years ago.  I got the recipe from Jeff Smith aka the Frugal Gourmet. As usual, I made some changes likecooking it stovetop and adding brussels sprouts   The sprouts just seem to go perfectly with the roast.  Lately, I’ve kept away from cooking this dish, mainly because I’ve been concerned about our expanding waistlines.

But there was a good, lean cut of chuck roast at the supermarket the other day whichlooked perfect for a pot roast for two. I asked Spouse if he felt like one and his eyes just lit up!  I’ve forgotten how good this recipe is….try it some time…just not all the time…. Continue reading “A Roast in the Pot!”

Burgers Again??


Sometimes, there are advantages to not having demanding, little brats (just kidding – I love kids!) who’ll question your dinner choices every now and then…..but any brat….errr….kid….will like this recipe.

As I said in my previous post, I’m not on my regular schedule after a vacation back home.  My pantry and refrigerator are just crying to be re-stocked.  But there were still a few things in the freezer, some which Spouse bought when I was gone.

What do you do with hamburger meat, canned mushroom soup, some frozen veggies and tons of white onions?  Salisbury Steak with Veggies! Continue reading “Burgers Again??”

Steak & Guinness Pie

An Irish stew flavored with the essential Guinness Stout underneath a flaky, scrumptious pie crust…it was rich and substantial and not so hard to prepare.

Thank goodness our Colorado weather cooperated and gave us another cool day so I could try this pie.  Some weeks back, I read about it in another Filipino food blog, Eat Matters, and wanted to try it.  I promptly got the beef and a 6-pack of Guinness  the very next day.  But we got some balmy weather that lasted a couple of weeks so it just had to wait.

I did have a bottle that same evening anyway…my first ever taste of this famous brew. Funny how you suddenly like things you didn’t when you were younger, like beer…does that come with age?! Continue reading “Steak & Guinness Pie”

Pan Seared Rib Eye

I made this Pan Seared Rib Eye steak for dinner last night using my trusty cast iron pan.  It’s a good recipe that would’ve been better if my steaks were an inch and a half thick.  I was so disappointed to find the steaks were onky about  half an inch thick each – there were 3 steaks in one pack, one on top of each other.  I should have looked at the pack closer.

As it was, adjustments had to be made to the recipe to get the steaks as medium-done as could possibly be managed.  The steaks came out pink in the little center it had.  But I would have preferred a deeper crusting that would only be possible if I cooked the steaks longer…and if the steaks were thrice as thick.

Continue reading “Pan Seared Rib Eye”

Mini Morcon

Iska of Edible Experiments invited me to join this Filipino food blogger’s event now going on its 8th edition.  I’m honored to be invited.

Before I started this blog, I was a regular lurker at other Filipino food blogs and thought the Lasang Pinoy Events were a great way to bring together virtual strangers with common roots and interests.

This Eighth Edition is called, “Kusinang Bulilit, Lutong Paslit” or “Children’s Kitchen, Children’s Cooking.” The focus is on families and childhood memories – already made and yet to be made.

The Filipino’s life is centered around his family – a cacophony of brothers and sisters, aunts and?uncles, grandparents and grandaunts, plus a myriad of cousins.  Get-togethers and events are always celebrated with lots of food – sometimes as many branches of relatives represented at the get-together.

I do have a lot of memories of the kitchen, my grandmother, my mother and my Eldest Sister.  Aside from my aunts and uncles on my mother’s side, they were my biggest influences who shaped my whole attitude toward food and cooking.

I’ve written a few pieces on this blog about my memories of learning from these women. You’ll find them here, here and here.

But for this particular edition, I’m making a Morcon dish which we prepared on occasion at my mother’s house.  She was the one who told me all about this dish, it’s place in the family history (yes…honestly!) and all the “kwento” related to it.

She was the one who patiently taught me how to prepare the meat and how to roll it up, how to walk away so it will stew properly.  She also allowed me to make my own mistakes when I got nervous rolling it up.  That was the time she probably tried hardest to stop herself breathing down my neck.

Afterwards, when  I noticed what I had done wrong, she’d tell me gently how I could do it another way – next time.  There’s always going to be a next time with my mother.

This is a Filipino dish that’s ideal to serve when you have non-Filipino guests for dinner.  It looks great at the dinner table and does not have exotic ingredients that the uninitiated or the timid may turn away from.

This is a family recipe which I have altered mainly in size and in finishing the sauce.  I started this recipe without exact measurements, please use your individual taste to guide you.

Continue reading “Mini Morcon”

Pepper Steak

Betty Crocker's New Cookbook: Kitchen Library Containing Good and Easy Cookbook and New Cookbook (Everything You Need to Know to Cook)
Betty Crocker’s New Cookbook: Kitchen Library Containing Good and Easy Cookbook and New Cookbook (Everything You Need to Know to Cook)

This is another dish I’ve never cooked before.  It’s from Betty Crocker’s New Cookbook again.  There are still so many recipes there waiting to see the light of my kitchen.

I have no idea what origins this dish has.  I’d ask Betty Crocker if she was a real person, but she’s not.  (Sorry, Virginia…there is no Betty Crocker….)

From the sound of it, I always thought it was one of those black pepper-encrusted steaks you get in a steak house.  But looking at the recipe and seeing “ginger” listed as an ingredient – it sounded more Asian than anything.

I had a good tri-tip steak package in my freezer and was debating on a stew, a steak or sinigang.  Good thing I decided to go with this Pepper Steak.  As usual, I made a few changes to the original recipe. It was delicious….another keeper! Continue reading “Pepper Steak”