Eggs in Salsa

 NOTE:  This is just another of my pending posts that never got posted for one reason or another.

This is pretty much like Eggs Diablo without the heat. This is one of the dishes I made to use up odds and ends in my refriegrator in preparation for the Big Move. It was actually pretty good and made a substantial breakfast for Spouse and myself.

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Sunday Brunch: Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese Omelette



I’ve been meaning to do this omelette which I first tasted at the Village Smithy in Carbondale, Colorado last July when Spouse and I went to Redstone for our anniversary.   I thought it was a perfect recipe since I’ve always been gaga over smoked salmon (anything smoked for that matter) and cream cheese.  I didn’t have any bagels this morning but a couple slices of toasted French bread smeared with more cream cheese was fine.  Serving it with orange slices was a perfect way to cleanse the palate. Continue reading “Sunday Brunch: Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese Omelette”

Eggs Florentine



Sunday Brunch is getting to be a nice habit for Spouse and I.  It’s just a nice way to start what will turn out to be the most leisurely day of the week.

This week, I tried a recipe I’d never tasted or cooked before:  Eggs Florentine.  Spouse has never had it himself so he was looking forward to trying it.  There are so many ways to do this dish, I was stumped for a minute deciding how I was going to make it.  I could’ve done the eggs poached but thought it was too early to successfully manage that.  So I decided on baking it in ramekins instead. Continue reading “Eggs Florentine”

Summer Squash Quiche



A summer squash is something I only got to try when I moved to the US.  It’s always found next to the zucchini at supermarkets.  These two vegetables actually go very well together.  But I like the summer squash more, mainly for its sweetness.  I just found out that this vegetable is also very beneficial for your health.  Fantastic, another vegetable I actually like and is healthy too.

I made my last purchase of summer squash into a quiche last week.  The  sweetness would go well with the eggs and cheese I thought…which it did.  And if you can make a quiche with the watery spinach, you can probably use any vegetable in your quiche. 

Here it is, straight from the oven, all puffy and browned. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to take a photo of a slice because we ate all of it too soon…this was a small quiche.  Maybe next time…. Continue reading “Summer Squash Quiche”

Packed Lunch Omelette



This ground pork omelette was a regular packed lunch item when my siblings and I were in elementary school. I can still remember that scent when you first opened your plastic lunch box at the school canteen.  It was a mixture of the pork, the bell peppers and the plastic. This always came with steamed rice and a good serving of catsup.  I still cook this today and Spouse usually takes it with salsa and steamed rice or as a sandwich. Continue reading “Packed Lunch Omelette”

Oyster Cake

I first tried this dish at a small Chinese restaurant somewhere around the Timog/Circle area of Quezon City. For some strange reason…like a failing memory…I cannot recall the name of the place!  It was a favorite lunch choice of my officemates and I, quite affordable and consistently serving good, simple Chinese cuisine.  I heard they closed some years ago, quite a surprise since they were always full.

Some 4 years ago, Spouse and I went to visit my sister in New England and had a chance to visit New York and New Jersey.  I made it a point to go to NYC’s Chinatown and specifically requested this dish at a non-descript Chinese eatery.  They didn’t have it on their menu.  But with a little explanation from this non-Chinese speaking Asian, they came up with exactly the same thing I had in Quezon City.  I was so excited to have it again! Continue reading “Oyster Cake”

Mapo Tofu



Each time Spouse and I stop at a Chinese restaurant, there’s an 80% chance I’ll be ordering this dish called Mapo Tofu.  I never bothered to cook it before since it’s so convenient to pick up the phone and order it for delivery. When I scouted for a recipe online, I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was.

As the Kitchen God would have it, today I had all the ingredients in my pantry and decided to give it a shot.  And the taste was not bad at all I must say…even Spouse. who is NOT tofu-friendly, enjoyed it.  The Kitchen God’s Wife must have been watching over me too…

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Fish with Blackbeans



After cooking a dish a couple of times, and introducing some of your own innovations, it becomes yours.  Like this Fish with Blackbeans and Tofu which has become one of mine and Spouse’s favorites. This recipe is based on a couple of recipes I used in the past.

It’s evolved to be a quick and easy dish, preparation-wise,  much simpler than the original versions.  I’ve also eliminated the use of cornstarch since I prefer my sauce lighter.

The only difficult step here is the frying of the fish and tofu.  I dislike frying anything because of the cleanup that’s required after.  But for this, it’s a necessary evil – both the cleaning and the frying… Continue reading “Fish with Blackbeans”

The Perfect Boiled Egg

There was a time when I didn’t even know what a perfect boiled egg was. I love boiled eggs, unlike majority of the world population I’m sure.  If you handed me a hard-boiled egg, I wouldn’t look at it with a discerning eye.  I’d just pop it into my mouth.

When I needed hard-boiled eggs, I took my chances and guessed how long it needed boiling.  Always.  For years, this is what I did.

What a big surprise it was to find out your eggs don’t need to boil for 7, 10 or 11 minutes as I’ve read in magazines, cookbooks and who-knows-where-else I got my “boiling an egg” information. Continue reading “The Perfect Boiled Egg”