Suman Sa Ibos

This is a rice stick everyone in the Philippines knows. Filipinos like eating this with ripe mangoes, specifically, Philippine mangoes and none of the “manila” mangoes sold in the US. As every Filipino who has traveled outside the country will tell you – nothing beats Philippine mangoes for flavor and texture. And this Suman sa Ibos is perfect with our mangoes. This is salty and not sweet at all, a good contrast to a sweet mango.

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LP20: Muruecos

Muruecos is the name of a common rice stick or suman as Filipinos call it. It was supposedly my grandmother’s favorite suman. I like it too and featuring it for Lasang Pinoy 20th Edition, Binalot made the effort certainly worthwhile.

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Bangkok Fried Rice



This is a recipe I picked up after coming from a 3-month Bangkok work assignment several years ago.  The photo was taken just before the final stir, aftet I just threw in the scallions, diced tomato and scrambled egg strips. 

The street food of Bangkok fascinated me of course.  The little soi where our office housed their foreign employees was just behind Bumrungrad Hospital, before it became famously world-class.  The street had several little motels, restaurants and several food hawkers selling, fried rice, pork hocks simmering in a sweet brown sauce, grilled seafood, mango salads, fresh fruits with sugar and chili powder…and so much more….which I all tried BTW. Continue reading “Bangkok Fried Rice”

Garlic Fried Rice



This is a common way of preparing rice in the Philippines.  Sinangag, as we call it, is great for breakfast with virtually anything you can  fry.    I made this to go with the dried fish I posted about the yesterday. 

We use plenty of garlic…a perfect way to wake you up if you  think about it.  Between all that  garlic and the dried fish….mmmmm… *Light Bulb Moment* – that’s why perfumes and colognes are so popular back home!  LOL!  Just kidding….Filipinos won’t back down from any dish because of its smell. Continue reading “Garlic Fried Rice”

Shrimp Fried Rice



Think about this…Fried Rice is probably the most unique dish that comes out of your kitchen.  What’s in your fried rice all depends on what’s in your refrigerator and that will differ from household to household and even from time to time…because we never have all the same leftovers. Continue reading “Shrimp Fried Rice”

Arroz Valenciana



This is the kind of Arroz Valenciana typical of the Philippine. It has the Valencian influence although the original only uses a tomato and not tomato sauce, rabbit, which is not commonly eaten in the Philippines, saffron and pimenton and no fish sauce and Chorizo de Bilbao which is de rigueur for the Filipino version.  And one important difference, we pre-cook the rice before adding it to the saucy meat base.  But we call it Arroz Valenciana and this was common party fare when I was growing up.

I tried to make this the way my mother made it but it was too late when I realized I was out of frozen peas and green beans!  I hate to say it, but it will have to do for now….this is what we called “Orange Rice” when I was a kid. Continue reading “Arroz Valenciana”