Salmon Tetrazzini



When you mention tetrazzini, you get visions of pounds and pounds of turkey sitting in your refriegrator days after Thanksgiving.  You normally would not associate tetrazzini and canned salmon…but it’s a great way of serving fish to your family.

We all know how good Omega-3 fatty acids are for our health.  It’s not just good for the heart.  Did you know it’s beneficial for diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and even your mental condition?  Not that my mental condition needs improving…but hey, if it’s our mental health, we all need a boost!

I really wanted to introduce more fish into our diet and canned salmon is such a convenient way…if only I could serve it more creatively.  Thankfully, there’s a website hosted by the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute that has a variety of recipes for Alaskan seafoods, including canned salmon.  I tried the Smoked Salmon Jardiniere when I was back home and even the kids loved it.  So here I am again, trying another of their recipes.

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Italian Sausage with Peppers

This is another quick  recipe that will be on your dinner table within an hour of starting it. Serve it with a light, green salad and you’re ready.

For this recipe, I used Sweet Italian Sausage flavored with fennel.  I find the hot sausages a little too spicy for me. I prefer sprinkling red pepper flakes in the sauce so I have better control of the heat.  Spouse and I are not big fans of hot spices. Continue reading “Italian Sausage with Peppers”

Spaghetti with Mussels

Mussels with my spaghetti is something new to me….oh, but I loved it!  It was another great way of serving pasta which I stil have to get over.  The lemon juice was a nice contrast to the sweetness of the mussels and tomatoes…the garlic gave it just the right kick and the parsley added freshness.  Of course, the extra virgin olive oil at the end will make a big difference. Add it after you turn off the heat for maximum flavor.

The mussels were frozen with some of its juices.  Unfortunately, we don’t farm mussels in Colorado.  I bought the pack with the idea of making it into a Filipino adobo like my dad used to make.

Today, Spouse and I were at the Pike’s Peak Library and I was thumbing through a magazine when I chanced on this recipe.  It was simple and satisfying, plus something I’d never tried before. Best of all, I had all the ingredients waiting at home. Continue reading “Spaghetti with Mussels”

Chicken Marsala

Chicken…always on everyone’s grocery list and a staple in most households. In fact, chicken is the one thing religions do not single out as unclean and therefore excluded frpm their followers’ diet.

Then came the Bird Flu when chicken and all fowls got a bad rap. While the flu hasn’t reached US shores and the Rocky Mountains, I’ll continue to enjoy my eggs for breakfast and my chicken for dinner and lunch.

This Chicken Marsala is derived from several recipes I’ve tried over the years. This particular one has cream but no rosemary. I don’t exactly like the mix of cream and that particular herb.

For a Chicken Marsala without the cream, I prefer it with garlic and rosemary. It’s delicious and perfect for a warm summer day with a light salad. Whatever version I choose to cook, I always end up serving it with spaghetti. Continue reading “Chicken Marsala”

Spinach Cannelloni with Fontina


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This was my first time to cook Cannelloni.  My first taste of this was when my cousin had just come back from studies in the US and prepared it for one family gathering during our teens.  My cousin is really a gifted man in the kitchen.  It’s a trait he got from his godmother I was told…umm… by  his godmother…. who happens to be my Mom.

Back then, everyone swooned over how good this was since most of us hadn’t tasted it before.  I’ve had it a few times since then, but never thought of making it myself because I was intimidated.  Cannelloni sounds like a lot of work but isn’t really. There’s a lot of steps in the preparation, but they’re not at all delicate or difficult in anyway.  Besides, the results are worth it.

The combination of the ricotta with the spinach, tomato sauce with basil and rosemary and fontina cheese was excellent.  There’s a delicate sweetness to this dish I only tasted once before in a stuffed pasta shell dish of one restaurant.

It’s a home-style Italian restaurant in Cheyenne, Wyoming called Avanti Ristorante Italiano. They serve excellent Italian food, never touted as authentic, just home-style.  If you find yourself passing through the Cowboy State in the future, make a stop at Avanti. I guarantee, it will be worth it.

For planning purposes, I made one full recipe and have another dish sitting in my refrigerator for another day.  It should keep about 5 days.  Freezing is not recommended because the Bechamel Sauce will separate. Continue reading “Spinach Cannelloni with Fontina”

Cincinnati Chili

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This is not your usual chili.  For one, it’s served “on top of spaghetti, all covered with cheese”.  This one in the photo is known as a five-way.  

It’s served with the chili or meat sauce, beans, cheese (I used provolone so you can hardly see it in the photo) and chopped raw onions over spaghetti noodles.  It’s a fantastic combination.

Another thing that makes this chili different are the spices for flavoring, including:  cinnamon, allspice and even cocoa powder….not your usual chili, like I said. Continue reading “Cincinnati Chili”