Thin Crust Pizza

Spouse and I have been going over the Sopranos DVDs again…for about the 5th time if I’m not mistaken.  When this happens, my craving for Italian food is stronger and it reflects on our meals and now in this blog.  You could probably call me an ideal subject for hypnosis.

I’ve tried several pizza crust recipes and they all turn out to be the thick-crust, poufy doughs.  I prefer my pizza New York-style with the thin-crust. Continue reading “Thin Crust Pizza”

Old-Fashioned Chicken Pot Pie

I felt like celebrating tonight and decided to make us an Old-Fashioned Chicken Pot Pie that didn’t include skimmed milk or skinless, boneless chicken breasts.  No siree.. this recipe called for cream…and lotsa butter and I did use butter with a clear conscience.

I got a call from my doctor and al my blood work came back normal. Normal!!!!!  Normal blood sugar, normal cholesterol….wheeeeee!  Awright, too much personal information here, I’m stopping now.

So anyway.  In celebration of the very happy circumstances of my health,  I made this American classic with only a couple of concessions.  I used split chicken breasts instead of a whole chickem, and I only made a top crust.  But the crust came out extra-ordinarily flaky this time.  I guess there’s truth to that old wive’s tale about being in a good mood when making a pie crust.  Sadly, I forgot to put in the peas which I always have in the freezer.  Mea culpa.  The dish would’ve been so much better with the peas.

This particular recipe is based on James Beard’s version which I found off the internet and found it to be the best I’ve tried.  It does take hours to make, but most of it is simmering and won’t require hard labor. The results are worth it.  There are just certain recipes you have to try doing without the usual shortcuts. Continue reading “Old-Fashioned Chicken Pot Pie”

Deep Dish Apple Pie

There’s nothing I will cook that can bring as big a smile to Spouse’s and Stepson’s faces more than Deep Dish Apple Pie.

It’s actually funny how I’m the one with memories of mother and homemade apple pie.  Anyone would guess I’d have memories of my mother and rice cakes, me being the Asian in the marriage…but my mother made apple pies when we were kids quite a lot.  My best memory is the smell of apples and cinammon filling up the whole house.  I also remember watching her pretty hands holding the two knives and cutting the shortening into the flour.  “You have to handle it very lightly if you want a flaky crust,” she’d tell about four of  her six daughters standing around her while she moved around her bright and airy, aqua-colored kitchen.

Spouse is the American after all and we’ve all heard the old adage, “as American as apple pie…”  Apparently, his mom liked Cinammon Rolls better and she called it “Rolly Boys” to make the eating all the more fun for the kids.

Continue reading “Deep Dish Apple Pie”

Apple Dumplings




For a change, I decided to stray from the usual Apple Pie and made some Apple Dumpings using Rome apples a few weeks ago.  This was my first time to cook with Rome apples and I was pretty impressed with how the apples held up in the baking process.  I love the way it retained it’s shape and didn’t turn mushy like some apples will.  And I loved the way the apple turned a bit translucent after baking.  I really should have taken a photo of the inside of the dumpling to show how lovely the apples turned out.  I’ll do it next time.  Continue reading “Apple Dumplings”