Filipino Macaroni Salad


Filipino Macaroni Salad
Filipino Macaroni Salad

Every Filipino has probably disparaged our very unique Macaroni Salad, as I have.   It’s not the usual macaroni, mayo and dill pickle concoction you’ll find everywhere else in the world.  I guess you could call it a bit “confusilcated” as Spouse likes to say.  A little bit of this, a little of that…and so much more.  It’s a reflection of who we are, a melange of flavors and influences all in one bundle of confusion.  I have this theory it’s also a reflection of the Pinoy’s openness to new ideas, cultures and flavors.

I really ought to stop intellectualizing  now since, one, I’m not good at it and second, it’s just a salad.   All I know is – it can be delicious if you’ll only give it a chance.

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I don’t know why I never featured Coleslaw here before.  Its one of our staples.   This one in the photo was drier than my usual since it had about half the mayo I usually put.  I’ve consciously been lessening meal portions and trimming some fats from a lot of recipes in the hopes that it will make a difference in our girth….right…wishful thinking. 

I like coleslaw better this way – with less of the mayonnaise I mean.  The cabbage was extra-crisp this time too and yes, I do put pineapple in my coleslaw – like any good and upstanding Filipino.  I guess you could call this a very Filipino Coleslaw…

This coleslaw is usually paired with some oven-finished Banquet Crispy Skinless Frozen Chicken.  It’s not the healthiest of foods so I always skip potatoes and carbs.  This chicken is just so convenient and can be paired with so many different salads.  You can also cut up the breast pieces and make that into a sandwich or a tortilla wrap with lettuce, tomatoes and bottled Caesar dressing. Continue reading “Coleslaw”

A Mix of Fruits




I don’t think this quailifies as a salad although I put it in that category. It’s really just a mix of fruits I intended would be a salad with lemon juice and honey….when I started out anyway.  Once I tasted how naturally sweet the melons were, I thought it would be a sin to disguise that with anything else.

So here it is, an unadulterated mix of fruits: honeydew melon, cantaloupe, blackberries, cherries.

Shrimp Salad



This Shrimp Salad definitely qualifies as an easy summer lunch.  It requires a minimum of cooking, plus, it’s very light and cooling on a hot summer day.  I love that it looks so appetizing too.

There have been heatwaves in both US coasts the last few weeks.  Thankfully, the summer has been pretty mild in Colorado this year. The fact is, I’ve never experienced a summer here that’s been so cool and wet before.  Hot or not, a cool salad like this is always an enjoyable lunch. Continue reading “Shrimp Salad”