Eggs in Salsa

 NOTE:  This is just another of my pending posts that never got posted for one reason or another.

This is pretty much like Eggs Diablo without the heat. This is one of the dishes I made to use up odds and ends in my refriegrator in preparation for the Big Move. It was actually pretty good and made a substantial breakfast for Spouse and myself.

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Baubles, Bangles and Spaghetti Bolognese



How do you make your Bolognese Sauce?  This is probably the oldest spaghetti sauce Filipinos are familiar with.  You might be wondering why I have that title on this post.  Its a tribute to a beloved aunt who is, undoubtedly,  the most colorful and vibrant among the sisters.  She had tons of bangles, baubles and beads, not to mention the real thing.  Every time I hear that song it never fails to remind me of her.

As a  kid, my now Australia-based Tita Mameng del Fierro made the best Bolognese Sauce.  She’s a home economics graduate from UST and is really the best cook among my mom’s sisters.  She’s the total homemaker and was very much  into sewing, crocheting, crafts, cooking, gardening and even cleaning. Her parties were so well-planned I always looked forward to them. Her table was beautifully spruced up and the food always predictably good.  The best part of all was when she stood at the top of the stairs with  a can of coins.  That was our signal to position ourselves because she’d throw the coins at us and we kids would scramble for every centavo. Continue reading “Baubles, Bangles and Spaghetti Bolognese”

The Original French Toast with Homemade Orange Raspberry Sauce



I was looking for a good recipe for French Toast this morning and stumbled on this interesting piece from Daniel Rogov.  Mr. Rogov clarifies that the French Toast did not originate in France as I always thought.  It’s origins are in Albany, New York where a tavern keeper of the 16th century by the name of Joseph French came up with the recipe and  named it after himself.

After reading that, I really had no choice but to go with  Mr. French’s original recipe.  I then decided to dress it up with a bit of homemade orange and raspberry sauce.   It made one truly delicious breakfast.  Unlike most French Toast recipes I’ve tried, this isn’t sweet at all. The sweetness is provided by the sauce which is the way it was probably meant to be. Continue reading “The Original French Toast with Homemade Orange Raspberry Sauce”

Mango Salsa, Big Game Restaurant


I had my first taste of mango salsa at a restaurant in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina.  It was the site of the old Trawler Restaurant which Spouse visited years ago.  We were there in early December last year and just went around the Shem Creek area trying to locate the old place but it was gone.  According to a local we finally stopped and asked directions from, the Trawler was sold almost a year ago and the new owners reopened with a brand new name.  Big Game I think it was. Continue reading “Mango Salsa, Big Game Restaurant”

Homemade Salsa



Bottled salsas are certainly very convenient to keep in your refrigerator. It’s also more convenient than making your own if you’re in a two-person household.

But sometimes, you stumble on some really good organic tomatoes and just have to have the homemade stuff.  This recipe I made uses Roma tomatoes and came out excellent because of the sweetness of the tomatoes.

You cannot keep this salsa in the fridge for longer than a couple of days.  You can use it in various ways and other recipes however.  An acquaintance at work once taught me a simple salsa and chicken recipe.  It was pretty easy:  put some boneless, skinless chicken breasts in your slow cooker, dump a whole jar of your favorite salsa, set to cook on low for 8 hours and leave for work.

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