Shrimp Salad



This Shrimp Salad definitely qualifies as an easy summer lunch.  It requires a minimum of cooking, plus, it’s very light and cooling on a hot summer day.  I love that it looks so appetizing too.

There have been heatwaves in both US coasts the last few weeks.  Thankfully, the summer has been pretty mild in Colorado this year. The fact is, I’ve never experienced a summer here that’s been so cool and wet before.  Hot or not, a cool salad like this is always an enjoyable lunch. Continue reading “Shrimp Salad”

Fish in Garlic, Olive and Lemon Butter Sauce


Spouse and I have been eating too much pork lately so I thought this would be a nice change from the usual.  I fried this rockfish in olive oil and was not so sure what to do with it.  Then I looked for some capers and found  I was out…so I ended up substituting green olives for this lemon butter sauce.  I thought I’d throw in the mushrooms and cook it with the sauce so it turned out to be something quite different.

Athough frying fish is always a hassle for me, this was pretty easy and is a delicious way to serve fish.

Continue reading “Fish in Garlic, Olive and Lemon Butter Sauce”

Fish Taco with Mango Salsa



I recommend this dish.  It was easy, took very little cooking so it’s perfect as a summer dish…and it will get your taste buds tingling with the lovely mix of flavors from the Mango Salsa which I earlier posted about.

Spouse didn’t quite get this dish at first.  But after his first one, when all the mango salsa ingredients left their flavors in his mouth….I know he started to enjoy it. Continue reading “Fish Taco with Mango Salsa”

Daing na Bangus

As I was saying in my previous post, I finally made Daing na Bangus in Colorado when I found milkfish that actually came from the Philippines.



The term “daing” is a manner of preparing fish and seafood.  It can be salted and sun-dried or in this case, simply marinated in a vinegar marinade with plenty of garlic. When you cook the daing on a grill and top it with fried garlic, it becomes Bangus ala Pobre Continue reading “Daing na Bangus”

Cedar Plank Salmon



A Canadian friend of ours gave us two cedar planks for grilling salmon on. That was about 2 years ago.  For one reason or another, we never tried to do the whole “grilling on a plank” thing….it just seemed like too much fuss.  But the grill was hot from our Fourth of July lunch and I thought this dish would qualify as a good blog experiment.

BTW, lunch was so good I didn’t have time to take photos.  It was a fantastic frozen Pinoy? pork barbecue I got from the Peterson AFB commissary. We had it with some grilled zucchini and asparagus.  The barbecue was just right, garlicky enough, without that garish red color of banana ketchup.  The veggies were perfectly juicy and smoky from the coals.  I marinated the veggies in a little red wine vinegar, salt and pepper and some extra virgin olive oil and  was grilled quickly over high heat – just right. Continue reading “Cedar Plank Salmon”

Salmon Tetrazzini



When you mention tetrazzini, you get visions of pounds and pounds of turkey sitting in your refriegrator days after Thanksgiving.  You normally would not associate tetrazzini and canned salmon…but it’s a great way of serving fish to your family.

We all know how good Omega-3 fatty acids are for our health.  It’s not just good for the heart.  Did you know it’s beneficial for diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and even your mental condition?  Not that my mental condition needs improving…but hey, if it’s our mental health, we all need a boost!

I really wanted to introduce more fish into our diet and canned salmon is such a convenient way…if only I could serve it more creatively.  Thankfully, there’s a website hosted by the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute that has a variety of recipes for Alaskan seafoods, including canned salmon.  I tried the Smoked Salmon Jardiniere when I was back home and even the kids loved it.  So here I am again, trying another of their recipes.

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