Chicken and Bottle Gourd Soup



I looked around for the English translation of this commonly used vegetable in the Philippines which we call “upo” and  almost identified it as winter melon.  Apparently, the winter melon is  “kundol” back home.  This vegetable pictured above is a bottle gourd.  It’s a light and delicately flavored vegetable we often use sauted with pork and shrimps or dried fish. 

A Chinese friend of mine said that a winter melon is a good vegetable to “…keep you cool when you’re heaty” and I found that description to be so accurate.  Just like the winter melon, which is actually a gourd and not a melon, “upo” makes a great soup in the summer or the tropics and perhaps does lower your body temperature, though I have no proof of that.

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Daikon Raddish Pickle



If you haven’t tried the Daikon Raddish, you’re missing something.  It’s a root vegetable that’s also called a Japanese raddish, Chinese raddish and Satsuma raddish.  Filipinos call it labanos.

This is more commonly sauteed with garlic, onions and tomatoes  or cooked with sinigang.  I hope this won’t freak anyone out, but we also mix in some beef spleen along with the saute.  It’s delicious!  Continue reading “Daikon Raddish Pickle”

Squash Curry



Got gout?  Here’s something you can eat that won’t do you harm.  It’s a Squash Curry that we normally would prepare with pork and/or shrimps.  It’s just as tasty without the meat and quite healthy.  Turmeric is a main ingredient in curry powder and is widely known to be good for gout.  I didn’t use any fish sauce here, but you can if you want to. Continue reading “Squash Curry”