Cap Cai



Sounds almost like an expletive, doesn’t it?  “Cap Cai this, you!!!!” … excuse the weird sense of humor….

I made this dish to go with my siopao buns which, unfortunately, didn’t look worthy enough to be photographed. I thought a light vegetable dish would be a nice pairing with the sweetish buns.  It was perfect. Continue reading “Cap Cai”

Guinisang Sitaw (Sauteed Asian Long Beans)


Look at that sensuous steam rising from my pot of sauteed long beans!  I took the photo while it was cooking because the colors were still so vibrant….but the steam muted the colors just a little bit. Oh well.

This is a sauteed, all-in-one dish of Asian long beans, what we Filipinos call sitaw. Sauteeing (guisado) a little meat with vegetables is a standard way of cooking everyday Filipino foods.  You start with a hot wok, a little oil then throw in the mashed garlic and cook till they’re almost brown; follow with the onions till they’re translucent; the pre-boiled meat which is usually pork and/or shrimps; fish sauce; tomatoes, if the dish requires it; the broth or shrimp juice then finally, whatever vegetable you have on hand that day.  It’s a quick and healthy way to prepare a meal and is also the basic way to start a variety of dishes including the popular pancit and vegetable lumpia. Continue reading “Guinisang Sitaw (Sauteed Asian Long Beans)”

Cauliflower and Cheese

Cauliflower – another vegetable I’m not exactly crazy about. Call it the lily-livered cousin of a broccoli….judging solely on its color that is.  In fact, this vegetable is from the same family, Brassicaceae, as the broccoli. Despite its lack of coloration, it is a vegetable packed with vitamins and minerals that are all good for you.

Here’s a rather common and simple way of enjoying cauliflower on the dinner table.  This is my own even simpler version of the recipe, minus the white sauce.

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Corned Beef with Mashed Potatoes with Leeks


I found another interesting way of making mashed potatoes in another Filipino blog, Rice and Noodles.  This is flavored with leeks and much lighter than what I’m used to, a pleasant change from the heavy butter and cream mashed potatoes I usually make

As I mentioned in a past entry on corned beef, the non-Filipino corned beef reminded me very much of our Nilagang Baka. Since we always put leeks in our Nilaga when I was a kid, I found this recipe really interesting. Continue reading “Corned Beef with Mashed Potatoes with Leeks”

German-Style Dinner

Dinner tonight was a German-style meal any Greta or Liezl can be proud to call their own. 

Unfortunately, veal was not available at the commissary this week so I had to subsitute my wiener schnitzel with breaded pork chops.  But red cabbages are always available in any supermarket and that was enough to build on the German-style dinner I had in mind. There was a sale on Andre Spumante and Champagne that day we were at the base exchange so I grabbed a bottle of Spumante for $3.45 especially for this meal.

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