What Does John Chow Have To Do With Food?

You won’t find much SEO, Internet Mogul, Marketing and Web Tips here, we pretty much stick to food and Philippine living. But I came across a “How To Make Money On Line” guy a couple months back name of John Chow, and in between all his Internet-guruing and how to make a million blog posts he does a pretty darn good job with food, mainly restaurant, reviews.

Clubhouse ala John Chow

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a club or clubhouse sandwich guy. I’ve enjoyed them all over the world and I have been amazed at the variety. But John introduced one here that really made my mouth water. This is a Peking Duck Clubhouse. It’s made with spiced mayo and a pancetta crisp on fruit and nut bread from by Iron Chef America champion Rob Feenie’s eponymous Vancouver restaurant, Feenie’s’.

Rob also runs a successful assortment of other food businesses as well, but this review isn’t about Rob or his inventive sandwich talents, it’s about John Chow.

Why would a food aficionado or blogger want to visit John Chow’s site? Well for one thing there is unlikely to be anyone else who routinely spends the kind of money on lunches and dinners as John … I’m certainly too cheap and I like to read how the other half lives.

John covers food on an irregular basis but usually several times per week. The rest of the menu consists of some really great tips and how to articles about getting traffic to your web site, making money from your web site and conducting business in general. John owns and runs a large technical review style website which is his “bread and butter” and started his personal blog on as a way of sharing ideas and keeping in touch. John doesn’t position himself as a food blogger though, he prefers to maintain his main theme at all times, how to make money online.  It’s become wildly successful and you can certainly feel free to drop by and have a taste. If you are interested in more blog traffic, you too can write a review of his blog and likely get a ton of clicks.

My only two criticisms on John’s blog are the fact that he really needs to get a decent camera and/or learn about lighting because some of his photos have great subject matter but don’t have near the appeal they should due to incorrect lighting. Secondly, John should lose the phoney and childish “evil” persona he loves to use, perhaps to cover his shyness. He’s a businessman, a web entrepreneur, an ad company executive, writer, father, husband, good son and all that sort of stuff … he doesn’t need the “evil” tags any longer.

Bretto’s Fine Meat & Deli Shop – Angeles, Pamapanga (Post 2)

Brats and potato salad.Yup, those are both bratwursts served with a Potato Salad. The lighter one is a veal brat and the darker one is pork. Both seemed to be deep-fried which made them split from their casings. Spouse said he never tasted a more authentic veal bratwurst since he lived in Germany. I thought that was an amazing statement considering that was a very, very long time ago. He’s had a few veal brats since then I can tell you. But to say that of a veal brat from a little place in Angeles City, Pampanga was definitely the most surprising of all. Their Potato Salad was good but I personally think it would have been better with a little less mayo.

Youngest Sister tried the Rissoles that was served with gravy and vegetables. It was surprisingly good for what was essentially meatballs in gravy. The serving was huge too!

When we were ordering Youngest Sister was asking me what they were and I had no idea at all. I never heard of nor had a rissole in my life. Apparently, this is another Australian dish. The rissoles at Bretto’s had some starch extenders that made it tender and luscious. I think the babies had a little of it too. They’re not usually meat-eaters but they were able to gobble (or whatever babies do) some of it down. Their mommy loved it too…and so did I as a matter of fact.

Bretto’s Fine Meat and Deli Shop – Angeles City, Pampanga (Post 1)

We found this pretty well-stocked little delicatessen along Fields Avenue some weeks back. There’s also a restaurant on the premises that serves Italian, Australian and some Filipino dishes. That Beef and Mushroom Pie pictured here is one of their specialties – absolutely delicious.They also have sangas – an Australian sub sandwich which we still have to try. The place is called Bretto’s and is located right on Fields Avenue, outside Clark. You can’t miss it, it’s sitting right next to a huge water tank with the inscription “Agua Tiempo” written on it.

Continue reading “Bretto’s Fine Meat and Deli Shop – Angeles City, Pampanga (Post 1)”

Minsky’s Pizza – Kansas City, Missouri



Minsky’s is located in the City Market complex on the old River Market district of Kansas City. I seem to have lost most of my photos from that trip, please click on the links to learn more about this landmark of Kansas City.  

It was Labor Day Monday when we were there and most shops were closed!  I was so disappointed.  But there were a few stores open so I purchased a few things at a Mediterranean store.  It was good to find food items like Mediterranean cousocous, lentils, bulgur wheat, rose water and orange water, some Spanish saffron, anchovies and spices and so much more.  I bought a good amount – my stash that will last a long time. Unfortunately, the photos I took of the spices in that store are all corrupted so no photos here – such a loss… Continue reading “Minsky’s Pizza – Kansas City, Missouri”

The Best Barbecue in the World: Arthur Bryant’s Barbecue. Kansas City



I first heard of Arthur Bryant’s Barbecue from Calvin Trillin’s book, “American Fried”.   Several years ago, I picked up a cheap copy of the book at that second hand book outlet they have in every SM Mall in Metro Manila.  I loved everything about the book: the author, the food, the mood, the places and the characters Calvin Trillin described in there just all came alive to me.  It never occurred to me that I would one day visit some of those places and try some of those foods he wrote about.

You can only imagine how surreal I felt finally standing in front of the original Arthur Bryant’s in Kansas City last year, with the huge jar of sauce still sitting in the window as described in the book.  Spouse had never heard of it before, nor had he heard of Calvin Trillin so I felt rather silly about all  my enthusiasm.  But he tried to be as enthusiastic as I was about making the stop at KC and finding the place.  We made a long drive from Colorado to my sister in Orlando, Florida to celeberate Thanksgiving with her and another of my sisters.  We just had to stop in Kansas City. Continue reading “The Best Barbecue in the World: Arthur Bryant’s Barbecue. Kansas City”

Cucina Colore – Denver, Colorado



Spouse treated me to lunch at our favorite place in Denver, Cucina Colore.  I like this place because the food is no nonsense and always fresh, the staff is friendly and the restaurant is just so bright and contemporary I always enjoy my meals so much more. 

The first photo is the Carpaccio served with arugula, shaved grana and caper berries with a perfectly tangy vinaigrette. I never knew capers had berries so this was pretty interesting for me.  The caper berries looked almost like olives.  There were a gazillion little seeds inside the not so thick skin.  The berries were pickled and tasted pretty much like  regular capers, which are the flowers of the plant.  I thought this whole appetizer dish would make the perfect Italian sandwich….soo good!  Continue reading “Cucina Colore – Denver, Colorado”