Johnny’s Cafe – Omaha, Nebraska



Another steak house..but this is Omaha!  And it is Johnny’s Cafe which I’ve mentioned in some previous posts.  So here’s one dedicated to Omaha’s Original Steakhouse Since 1922.  If you haven’t noticed yet, I’m a stickler for the old, established places that have been making people happy for the longest time.  I don’t know why that is – it just is. 

I took a photo of the restaurant exterior but it isn’t impressive enough to put at the top of this post.  Instead I’m posting a photo of my glass of water….go figure! Continue reading “Johnny’s Cafe – Omaha, Nebraska”

Nebraska Beef Company – Omaha, Nebraska



Spouse and I go to Nebraska Beef Company every time we visit Omaha on business.  It’s so conveniently located just a skip and a hop from our usual hotel. It’s an unassuming place with a name that could throw you off into thinking this was just a place to order those famous Omaha steaks.  We’ve been there for lunch in the past and enjoyed it.  I’ve always underestimated the plance since we were so focused on the Big Three of Omaha steak houses:  Johnny’s Cafe, Anthony’s and Angie’s. But they’ve been consistently good.  I had their prime rib salad once and was very satisfied with it.

This time, we made it our first stop after checking into the hotel and dropping off our bags.  Spouse wanted steak for dinner and it was dinnertime.  It’s so convenient when there’s a place so reliably good next to your  hotel. Continue reading “Nebraska Beef Company – Omaha, Nebraska”

Galileo’s Diner – Pueblo, Colorado



There’s a little restaurant in the city of Pueblo that serves great Italian food.  It’s called Galileo’s Diner and is located on East Routt Avenue between Northern and Mesa.  I don’t know how long it’s been around, but right now, it’s not all that pleasant a place to dine.  It’s dark, small and a wee bit dingy looking.

Their prices are pretty steep for the area, but then, you can tell they use the best ingredients in every dish and in my book, that is enough justification. The food is just wonderfu and the service was excellent so I’m predicting the restaurant’s physical circumstances will change for the better very soon.   Continue reading “Galileo’s Diner – Pueblo, Colorado”

Redstone Inn – Redstone, Colorado



The Redstone Inn started out about a hundred years ago as the bachelor’s quarters for a coal-mining operation owned by John Osgood.  The whole town was built by the self-procalimed Robber Baron, as a matter of fact.  When the mines closed in 1908, Mr. Osgood returned to the town to reopen the Redstone Inn as a resort hotel.  

There’s a well-rated Grill and Patio located in the hotel which Spouse and I tried for dinner on the last night of our vacation.  We heard their breakfast buffet is one of the best in Colorado, but we never woke up early enough to make it. Continue reading “Redstone Inn – Redstone, Colorado”

Village Smithy – Carbondale, Colorado



Spouse and I went to the town of Carbondale for breakfast on the second day of our vacation last week.  The Village Smithy was one of those recommended places to eat by the Avalanche Ranch where we were staying.  It was a very busy morning, even for a summer day.  I made it a point to make our booking on weekdays so we could avoid the rush of summer vacationers but it was no use! This area of Colorado is pretty popular with tourists, and understandably so. Continue reading “Village Smithy – Carbondale, Colorado”

European Cafe – Manitou Springs, Colorado

This little cafe is our favorite spot to stop for brunch when we head out to the mountains and little towns west of Colorado Springs.  We stumbled upon this place while antique shopping on the main drag of Manitou Springs.  It was the closest place to the shop we were at and it was past our lunch time, so we just walked in not knowing anything about the restaurant.

I had the Hungarian goulash which came with potato dumplings and pickled sauerkraut on our first visit.  They were so good, it had to be authentic.  The ladies in the restaurant all had European accents so I’m guessing it was authentic.  Authentic or not, they  run a very nice cafe with good food so we kept coming back….again and again. Continue reading “European Cafe – Manitou Springs, Colorado”

The Sunset Grill – Sunset, Texas

This is a reprint from my other blog which I remembered while doing the previous restaurant review on Good Times Burgers. The Sunset Grill is a real gas station/convenience store/restaurant northwest of Dallas.

Spouse and I were on US Hway 287 coming from Ft. Worth, Texas last spring when we both realized it was past 1 pm and we were running out of small Texas towns to stop for lunch. A few minutes later, a sign for  ” The Sunset Grill” came up which said it was right by the next exit, beside a gas station. Now that is convenient. Continue reading “The Sunset Grill – Sunset, Texas”