Old Heidelberg Restaurant and Deli – Colorado Springs

Spouse took me to see “Brokeback Mountain” this afternoon  Before we headed downtown, we decided to try the Quizno’s $2.99 roast beef sub they’ve been advertising on tv.  We’ve never tried Quizno’s before and thought this new item would be interesting with the au jus.

Well, that was the plan anyway. We made the wrong turn and I saw the sign for the Old Heidelberg Bakery and Cafe.  Spouse was all upset but hey, if you’ve got broken eggs, make an omelette, right?   And so we parked right in front of the bakery and decided to have lunch there instead. The bakery/cafe and deli looked very modern and clean.  I was sorry I didn’t bring my camera along so I could take shots of their delicious looking cakes and pastries. A short line was starting to form at the cashier but the staff was very efficient and we put in our order not long after we came in. Continue reading “Old Heidelberg Restaurant and Deli – Colorado Springs”