Sweets for the Sweet

These are some of the goodies I got at Eurobake in Guiguinto, Bulacan. They’re all old favorites, things you didn’t get on a regular basis because Eurobake used to be way out in the sticks. Then we moved to the same sticks but never really went around the province since all our activities were in the big city. The traffic made it an unpleasant trip too. But that has greatly improved with the upgrading of the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX).
The credit should go to Spouse though. I’ve been very lucky that I married Spouse, a non-Filipino. There’s always something new to learn about each other. I always meant to introduce him to various things about my country, even before we were married. Funny how one of the first things that came to mind was food. Food just brings up good memories and that’s what I want to share with this alien I married. Continue reading “Sweets for the Sweet”

Bretto’s Fine Meat and Deli Shop – Angeles City, Pampanga (Post 1)

We found this pretty well-stocked little delicatessen along Fields Avenue some weeks back. There’s also a restaurant on the premises that serves Italian, Australian and some Filipino dishes. That Beef and Mushroom Pie pictured here is one of their specialties – absolutely delicious.They also have sangas – an Australian sub sandwich which we still have to try. The place is called Bretto’s and is located right on Fields Avenue, outside Clark. You can’t miss it, it’s sitting right next to a huge water tank with the inscription “Agua Tiempo” written on it.

Continue reading “Bretto’s Fine Meat and Deli Shop – Angeles City, Pampanga (Post 1)”

Bangkok Fried Rice



This is a recipe I picked up after coming from a 3-month Bangkok work assignment several years ago.  The photo was taken just before the final stir, aftet I just threw in the scallions, diced tomato and scrambled egg strips. 

The street food of Bangkok fascinated me of course.  The little soi where our office housed their foreign employees was just behind Bumrungrad Hospital, before it became famously world-class.  The street had several little motels, restaurants and several food hawkers selling, fried rice, pork hocks simmering in a sweet brown sauce, grilled seafood, mango salads, fresh fruits with sugar and chili powder…and so much more….which I all tried BTW. Continue reading “Bangkok Fried Rice”

The Best Barbecue in the World: Arthur Bryant’s Barbecue. Kansas City



I first heard of Arthur Bryant’s Barbecue from Calvin Trillin’s book, “American Fried”.   Several years ago, I picked up a cheap copy of the book at that second hand book outlet they have in every SM Mall in Metro Manila.  I loved everything about the book: the author, the food, the mood, the places and the characters Calvin Trillin described in there just all came alive to me.  It never occurred to me that I would one day visit some of those places and try some of those foods he wrote about.

You can only imagine how surreal I felt finally standing in front of the original Arthur Bryant’s in Kansas City last year, with the huge jar of sauce still sitting in the window as described in the book.  Spouse had never heard of it before, nor had he heard of Calvin Trillin so I felt rather silly about all  my enthusiasm.  But he tried to be as enthusiastic as I was about making the stop at KC and finding the place.  We made a long drive from Colorado to my sister in Orlando, Florida to celeberate Thanksgiving with her and another of my sisters.  We just had to stop in Kansas City. Continue reading “The Best Barbecue in the World: Arthur Bryant’s Barbecue. Kansas City”

The End of Summer and Catching Ballgames

Spouse and I caught 2 baseball games in Kansas City when we were over there last week.  The NY Yankees were playing the KC Royals over the Labor Day weekend.  Spouse is not exactly a fan of the Yankees, but I love them.  Even if people say they are over-rated and over-paid.  It’s the way they play, you see.  They just work so well as a team and I love watching them making that happen – even if they lose, which they did!  Oh but how they played, especially on that Labor Day game.  The Royals were just so primed that night, no one could’ve beat them. Continue reading “The End of Summer and Catching Ballgames”




We just got back from Omaha, Nebraska a couple of days ago.  We like taking to the road instead of flying.  For one thing, we can take all the gadgets we need and not worry about check-ins at the airport.  Its also a lovely drive, through the Eastern Plains and little towns of Colorado and the cornfields of Nebraska.  I love how green Nebraska can be.  This time, I caught a hint of gold in the fields and trees…..autumn seems to be creeping up on us and the bitter cold will be here before you know it.  Continue reading “Nebraska”

The Sunset Grill – Sunset, Texas

This is a reprint from my other blog which I remembered while doing the previous restaurant review on Good Times Burgers. The Sunset Grill is a real gas station/convenience store/restaurant northwest of Dallas.

Spouse and I were on US Hway 287 coming from Ft. Worth, Texas last spring when we both realized it was past 1 pm and we were running out of small Texas towns to stop for lunch. A few minutes later, a sign for  ” The Sunset Grill” came up which said it was right by the next exit, beside a gas station. Now that is convenient. Continue reading “The Sunset Grill – Sunset, Texas”

Muffuletta of Central Grocery in New Orleans

It was more than 2 years ago when Spouse and I went to New Orleans on a day trip from Biloxi, Mississippi.  I fell in love with the city even before we set foot in it.

On our approach to the city, the car radio was tuned to a local station that was playing the music of the city, jazz.  Driving on Interstate 10 to cross the now world-infamous Lake Ponchartrain, I was struck by the beauty of the many bridges, the city and the beautiful waters of the lake and the mighty Mississippi beyond.

Aside from being the home of jazz and the blues, New Orleans is also famous for its cuisine.

My target on that summer’s day was the Muffuleta of Central Grocery.  I first heard of it in the PBS special, “Sandwiches You Will Like”  that Spouse and I watched just a few weeks before our trip.  Central Grocery is located in the French Quarter, on Decatur Street.  If you are not looking for it, you can easily miss it.  But I was a woman on a mission that day….my radar was up and my tummy was leading the way. Continue reading “Muffuletta of Central Grocery in New Orleans”