More Cupcakes


Eldest Sister passed on an order of 192 cupcakes she got from her husband’s niece last week. The dummy that I am, I took it on without batting an eyelash. You really have no idea how many 192 cupcakes are until you have them all laid out…and run out of counter space.


This really was a first for me. When I got food orders in the past, I would pass it on to Eldest Sister and just help her. When I started adding up the ingredients I needed for this order – it only then dawned on me, this was not going to be such a piece of cake, pardon the pun. Continue reading “More Cupcakes”

Fish Steaks

The Philippines has over 7,100 islands and you bet we eat a lot of fish and seafood, aside from rice of course. If you are in the Philippines and thinking of having steaks for dinner, your best bet is fresh fish steaks in calamansi butter sauce.


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Cupcakes For Sale


Eldest Sister was contacted by a lady acquaintance about providing pastries and snacks for her office some weeks back. First thing she does is yell for some help from Youngest Sister and myself so we obliged and came up with some items we thought were appropriate for an all-day office snack tray…nothing fancy. We came up with gigantic oatmeal raisin cookies, red velvet cupcakes, individual chicken pot pies and food for the gods bars.

We took one day to do everything and boy, we were a mess! We were just a happy mess with nieces and little nephews running around checking on us or demanding attention, Spouse sleeping on one of Eldest Sister’s sofas trying to stay out of the way, a frantic Eldest Sister who managed to make a batch of bread at 4 a.m., a focused Younger Sister…don’t even ask about me…I was just there for the ride. Continue reading “Cupcakes For Sale”



Latik.  What is it?  The best way to describe it is fried coconut milk curd.  Pictured here is the latik as I took it off the  fire.  Leaving it in the hot oil will turn it darker…the perfect topping for a variety of Philippine rice cakes. Continue reading “Latik”

More than You Wanted To Know About Absinthe

“The following is a paid review:”

Hi, this is the Spouse chiming in here at The UnofficialCook. Mita and I have been enjoying working on this site for several years now. Recently I signed up with a company called ReviewMe which offers bloggers a chance to write reviews of products that advertisers want to showcase. We’ve been eagerly looking forward for the first appropriate assignment, and here it is. I’m sad to say it can’t be very positive, but hey, here at “The Cook” you’re always going to get the unadulterated truth. The product in question is a web site sales service known as:

Absinthe Alcohol Online. I strongly suggest you read the rest of this review before you run off to visit them, though. There are a few reservations .. well more than a few .. I have to share with you. I’m going to break them into two sections … Legalities and eCommerce concerns:


The very first thing that came to my mind is the question, is this legal? The answer is a little muddy on several levels. I’m going to address first the legality/illegality of Absinthe in the United States … because that’s where most of our readers are and that’s where the body of legal data is concerned with. If you live elsewhere then you need to check up on the local laws in your country because they likely vary widely from the US “take” on the issue.

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The Round-Up, Lasang Pinoy 20: Binalot, All Wrapped Up!

Here’s the round-up for Lasang Pinoy’s 20th Edition for the month of August titled, “Binalot – All Wrapped Up!” Thank you to everyone who took time off from their busy lives and sent in a contribution for this LP edition. We covered appetizers to dessert like we all planned it! I hope LP followers will enjoy this round-up as much as the host did.

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Suman Sa Ibos

This is a rice stick everyone in the Philippines knows. Filipinos like eating this with ripe mangoes, specifically, Philippine mangoes and none of the “manila” mangoes sold in the US. As every Filipino who has traveled outside the country will tell you – nothing beats Philippine mangoes for flavor and texture. And this Suman sa Ibos is perfect with our mangoes. This is salty and not sweet at all, a good contrast to a sweet mango.

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