Chef’s Knife

Whether you’re really a chef or just the unofficial household cook, you deserve a knife that does the job well.

In the photo is my handy 14-inch chef’s knife by Farberware sitting on the sharpener that’s also made by Farberware.

It’s made of good-quality 18/8 stainless steel in a satin finish, forged steel with three rivets, full-tang handles.  I love its simplicity, the seamless handle, it’s weight and balance. The blade glides through anything you cut so long as you sharpen it regularly.

Just yesterday, I cut my pinky because I was in a rush and it went deep…but it was a clean cut and is healing nicely….. LoL!

I cannot remember exaclty where and when I got this knife or how much I paid for it but its been worth more than what I paid I’m sure. This is practically the only knife I use in the kitchen these days.  In fact, this knife hardly ever sees its proper place in the butcher’s block and sits ready for use  (again!) in the dish drainer.

Paired with the manual sharpener, which is the easiest thing in the world to use, this knife will definitely last me a lifetime.

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  1. nice to see u posting again.

    i lost Nan’s sharpener that worked really well. since it was a round thing about an inch and a half in diameter, i guess i must’ve thrown it out with the trash 🙁 anyway, i bought a wusthoff sharpener that kinda looks like that one you have but it’s very temperamental – u kinda have to get ur knife at the right angle to sharpen it – if not, i think it dulls the blade instead!

    i will look for a farberware sharpener like urs.

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