Chicken Inasal


This is my first attempt at Chicken Inasal…not so bad but I have a feeling it’s far from the real thing, which I have yet to try.  The real thing is found in Bacolod,  capital city of Negros Occidental province in the Visayas region of the Philippines.  “Inasal” is actually an Ilonggo word which refers to the grilling method of cooking.

Spouse and I went to the Bacolod Chicken Inasal outlet at the Greenbelt Mall in Makati a couple of years ago and he just went gaga over their chicken.  Everytime we had to go out to eat he would give me this goofy grin and suggest, “Bacolod chicken?”

Filipinos have this thing for trying things their own way (read: “tancha” which is Tagalog for guesswork)  when it comes to local dishes. It’s always a big help when you’ve tried a dish in their place of origin.  These days, all you need is enough people who actually come from a certain region of the Philippines writing about their food and posting it on the internet.  Oh, but I dearly hope to someday go to Bacolod city and try the real thing.

Blogs authored by fellow Pinoys are my best source of information, not necessarily recipes.  News items or write-ups from food columnists in Philippine broadsheets now online are also a good source of information.

Actually, it was a post from this Philippine food blog, Eat Matters, that got me thinking of experimenting on this dish.  But it was this recipe that caught my eye, also from a Filipino blogger. And it was this  column written by food writer Heny Sison that convinced me to go ahead and try it.

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  1. hi mita
    it looks like ‘the’ real thing! i had the chance to eat chicken inasal again during my trip recently to manila…though it was a very hot day, we decided to eat lunch at tiendesitas and this is what we had…yumm!

  2. hi ces, thanks for droopping by and linking me.

    hehehe, does it look like the real thing? as you know, looks aren’t everything. for one, our chicken is so much better back home – less fat and more flavor. but for a first attempt of a non-Ilonggo, it’s not bad.

  3. Bacolod Chicken Inasal recipe for Marinade

    Fish oil
    Soy sauce
    Calamansi salt

  4. I am from Bacolod City for me the best Bacolod Inasal in Manila is JT’s bacolod inasal. Some of the restaurants who serves inasals are just way off the original taste of Bacolod Chicken House.

  5. Hi Alsbrew, thanks for dropping by and sharing your recipe. I’m surprised there’s no ginger but yeah, I have to try that too. Thanks so much for the recipe and the tip, I have to try JT’s before I go to Bacolod City…

    I’m planning a trip home again this year and may include Bacolod!

  6. ma-ayong hapon sa imo mita

    just came back from iloilo and had countless bouts with the delicious inasal.
    i even discovered a street where they serve
    the native chicken only after five when the auto parts shops close.they basically use the sidewalk. super delicious because they use native chicken.

    we call the place “michael’s” as in sa may kilid-kilid. i’ve been hooked to that place

  7. hello angelo! nice to hear from you..i still have to visit bacolod and can’t wait to check out michael’s. i’ve read about it somewhere online too and just love the concept that they’re only open once the auto shop closes!

  8. hi mita….
    i’m from Bacolod, studied college & worked in Manila afterwards. I’ve gone to all restos in manila serving Inasal but believe me tasting the real thing really matters. get a chance to visit bacolod & dine at Chicken Haus. They usually serve it with garlic rice & achara…their garlic rice alone is a stand out….gosh I wanna go home!!

  9. Hi Alsbrew…I have heard of Joel’s inasal place but never tried yet. Is it really worth exploring? Is it that place on Gilmore? Can you give more details on how to get there? Thanks.

  10. I don’t know about the ingredients but I like chicken inasal too from bacolod chicken inasal.

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