Clotted Cream



When I was a kid, my sisters and I could spend hours talking about things we’d just heard or read about.  Our favorite topic was always food. Of course, we would stray sometimes and talk about the usual stuff, places or things and activites or something.  But we would always go back to food, especially if it was something we’d just read about.  I don’t know if all families are this way….but we were.  We still are actually.

One of those things we always used to wonder about was clotted cream. I can’t even remember what book we read that first introduced us to this very British food item.  But we made many a conversation…with a horrible, put-on British accent no less…about what clotted cream was…and imagined how it would go with scones and jam at teatime or breakfast.

Of course, we never had scones either.  No place that we knew of in the Philippines served scones.

Yesterday, Spouse and I went shopping for organic vegetables and fruits at nearby Wild Oats and I chanced on a bottle of English Double Devon Cream which is another term for clotted cream.  Of course, I couldn’t let it pass. On the way home, all I could think of was “Finally, I’m going to have a taste of clotted cream!”

And of course, since you found the clotted cream…might as well make the scones – the very next day for breakfast!  Oh but it was good….

I totally understand why the British love their scones and clotted cream.  The scones I made here are plain cream scones….rich but delightfully light textured because of its flakiness.  That same flakiness is perfect with the cream….the textures of the two melting in your mouth with the perfect sweetness of both the cream and the scones.  I forgot to put vanilla in my scones and was grateful for that…the vanilla flavoring would probably overpower the cream. I didn’t even bother with jam or strawberry preserves because I wanted to enjoy the pure sweetness of the cream with the scones.

It’s Youngest Sister’s birthday today, June the 11th and she was the one most fascinated with clotted cream and scones.  This post is for her, with the wish that my next bottle of clotted cream will be shared with her and her two handsome babies.