Colorado Springs Greek Festival 2006

Today was what Spouse and I call a “Glad we live in Colorado” kinda day.  It was warm with light breezes….bright and sunny with a clear, blue sky dotted with just a few clouds to make it pretty.  Spouse and I knew this was not going to be a day spent in front of our desks.  We had a good work week spent mostly indoors, so this Saturday, we headed off to check out what was happening in the city.

The Archangel Michael Greek Orthodox Church in Colorado Springs is celebrating a Greek Festival this weekend, July 14-16. We headed off for lunch there and found a good-sized crowd enjoying the beautiful summer day on the church grounds.  Here’s a picture of the lovely Greek ladies manning the dessert line at the festival.

The menu was interesting and extensive enough for the uninitiated like me.  I’ve never been to Greece (I’d love to go!)  and my only exposure to Greek food is the mall-type chains selling gyros, then of course, there’s feta cheese, kalamata olives and frozen Spanakopita from the supermarket.  From what I had today, I am tempted to go back tomorrow and try the other items, like the Pastichio, which we didn’t have. Who said you can’t have it all?  Well…maybe not in one sitting…



Here’s Part 1 of our lunch.  Spouse had the Lamb Sandwich or Arni  and I had the Greek Meatballs called Soutzoukakia.  We each had the Greek fries and some iced tea.  The lamb sandwich was rather dry according to Spouse.  His description was, “It’s almost as if they were afraid someone would complain about having raw lamb so they overcooked it and ruined the whole thing.”

My meatballs came drenched in a light tomato sauce.  It was good and perfectly seasoned, predominantly with cumin.  It was the fries that caught my attention however and not just because I love fries.  These were seasoned with a mix of spices that probably includes oregano, thyme, sage and mint….just a touch of mint.  I have to try making fries this way….it was different and went very well with my meatballs.



Now comes Part 2 of our lunch. Thankfully, the servings were not the usual humongously huge-sized so we had room enough for seconds.  Spouse came back with the cheese-filled pies called Tiropita, the spinach-filled pie Spanakopita, and another serving of the meatballs.




Good food, lovely day and friendly, smiling faces…glad we live in Colorado….Opa!

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