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Spouse treated me to lunch at our favorite place in Denver, Cucina Colore.  I like this place because the food is no nonsense and always fresh, the staff is friendly and the restaurant is just so bright and contemporary I always enjoy my meals so much more. 

The first photo is the Carpaccio served with arugula, shaved grana and caper berries with a perfectly tangy vinaigrette. I never knew capers had berries so this was pretty interesting for me.  The caper berries looked almost like olives.  There were a gazillion little seeds inside the not so thick skin.  The berries were pickled and tasted pretty much like  regular capers, which are the flowers of the plant.  I thought this whole appetizer dish would make the perfect Italian sandwich….soo good! 

Spouse had the Shrimp and Scallops Pasta with Sun-Dried Toamtoes.  It looked delicious and he said it was.  I think they sun-dried their own tomatoes because they didn’t look reconstituted at all.  They were sliced, ripe tomatoes that had the sun-dried flavor so I’m thinking maybe they do a batch every so often using fresh summer tomatoes.  



I had a light pizza with  roasted red peppers (so sweet!), shavings of grana cheese, and fresh mushrooms.  I was so tired from the morning’s goings-on, I only ate a couple of slices and took half of my delicious pizza home. The glass of Pinot Grigio we had with our lunch was just the perfect thing to relax me.




Now on to the Event part of this post….you might be wondering why I placed this under the Markets, Events and Festivals Category of my blog. 

Spouse and I were in Denver last September 19 for my US citizenship ceremony held at the open-air Denver Civic Center.  It was a beautiful, perfect “Good-to-be-living-in-Colorado” kind of day.  What a surprise that there were 600 other people being sworn in as new citizens.  According to the organizers, we were from 80 different contries around the world.  How cool is that?



The well-liked mayor of Denver, John Hickinlooper was there…along with a few other guests.  The Jewish Association sponsors the event and they even handed out bottled water and cookies to everyone….much appreciated because I left the house without eating breakfast. They also had tables where you could register to vote and submit your passport applications….even have your photo taken for the passport.  So I did all that and am really looking forward to cast my first vote in this country come November!

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  1. Wow! Full-fledged U.S. citizen….congrats! That’s one of the dreams of a lot of Filipinos here. By the way, I answered your comment on my blog but I think blogspot could not post my comment. Don’t know the reason behind this. I’m glad you’re visiting the Philippines this November. In case you’re not busy with your relatives and you want to eat at one of the places mentioned on my previous post, don’t hesitate to tell me. I’ll be glad to accompany you. 😀

  2. Congratulations Mita! 🙂

    this was a superb lunch which you deserve it, congrats again.

    btw to answer your question, my stove is BORETTI VFN(R)-93 (serie with fry-top.)

    have a fine week!

  3. ladybug, thank you – I know pero truthfully hindi ko pinangarap – pabalik na nga ako. I had difficulty posting a comment on your blog too. I guess it’s a blogspot problem. I think I’ll be too busy in November and December to contact you. But when things settle down after our move, yup, I will get in touch!

    thess, thank you naman po! I love your new kitchen – the color scheme, the cabinets especially that corner base cabinet. But your range ha – to die for. I looked already and it’s not available in da Pinas…or here. enjoy your new kitchen!

    toni, just made a similar pasta dish for dinner tonight..scallops with asparagus, roasted bell pepper and a fresh tomato..good! enjoy your pasta!

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