Culver’s Frozen Custard

Culver’s is a restaurant made famous by their mouth-watering ButterBurger.  I have to do another post on their burger when I have photos. Ohhh……mmm….and if I remember to take a shot before I take a bite.

They’re a 22-year old restaurant chain out of Wisconsin, the state made famous by cheese. Spouse and I like going to this restaurant because their burgers are exceptionally good and because they have a clean, well-lit place that just makes eating all the more pleasing.

My only problem with Culver’s is the burgers are so good and hefty, my tummy just cannot accomodate dessert.  This has been torture each time since they have this frozen custard I’ve been dying to try since we first discovered the place.

Fortunately, Spouse brought home a pint of their ice cream recently and we were finally able to try it.  Their ice cream is made fresh everyday and comes in vanilla and chocolate flavors only.

One pint had both flavors, vanilla on top and chocolate at the bottom. The chocolate will satisfy any chocoholic.  The smoothness of the ice cream and the mix with the vanilla ice cream may deceive you, as I was,  into thinking it isn’t as rich….but it is.   This ice cream is exceptionally smooth and not overly sweet like some ice creams –  just the way I like my ice cream.

Cheese: The Making of a Wisconsin Tradition
Cheese: The Making of a Wisconsin Tradition