Cupcakes For Sale


Eldest Sister was contacted by a lady acquaintance about providing pastries and snacks for her office some weeks back. First thing she does is yell for some help from Youngest Sister and myself so we obliged and came up with some items we thought were appropriate for an all-day office snack tray…nothing fancy. We came up with gigantic oatmeal raisin cookies, red velvet cupcakes, individual chicken pot pies and food for the gods bars.

We took one day to do everything and boy, we were a mess! We were just a happy mess with nieces and little nephews running around checking on us or demanding attention, Spouse sleeping on one of Eldest Sister’s sofas trying to stay out of the way, a frantic Eldest Sister who managed to make a batch of bread at 4 a.m., a focused Younger Sister…don’t even ask about me…I was just there for the ride.

We never heard from the lady…until last Friday when she calls Eldest Sister, just an hour after we left after another whole-day visit that we usually spend eating and gossiping and playing with the babies. Eldest Brother-in-Law is going to celebrate his birthday tomorrow and Eldest Sister was planning a party too! But hey, an order is an order and we were glad to oblige. This was our first order for a business we’ve always tried to get into the last 20 years…..yikes, THAT long ago?

And so we took another day off yesterday to make some cupcakes for a birthday. Thank goodness we weren’t the mess we were last time. Cupcakes are so much more manageable compared to other things you have to individually wrap or cut or shape. Decorating can be fun if there’s a group of chatty women around. Thank goodness there was my 22-year old Eldest Niece keeping us focused. How could this young lady be one of us? She’s so damn calm!

I took my old digital camera with me but only remembered to take photos after we decorated and wrapped the cupcakes. The lighting was terrible! Flourescent bulbs on a dark, rainy late afternoon DOES not make for good lighting. But I shared the photos anyway.

We made our favorite RedVelvet and a new Black Forest recipe with Cream Cheese Frosting and Banana with Buttercream Frosting.