Daing: Dried Fish



I bought dried fish from the Filipino Sari-Sari Store the other day…my craving for a Filipino breakfast overcame my apprehensions about getting one of good-quality.  This wasn’t so bad.  But man…was it salty!  My tastes must have changed more than I realized.  I used to enjoy dried fish. 

This was dried “bisugo” fish.  It’s very potently fishy.  In fact, I remember we would sometimes say it tasted like iodine, “lasang iodo” we would say.  I opened all the windows in the house and turned on all the exhaust fans so it wouldn’t stink up the house so much.  But when I put those fishes in the hot oil…..wheeeee….it reminded me of home!   I started salivating as I was frying it up. 

I have  a theory this package was actually saltier than what you can get in the Philippines because it was meant to last longer…being for export and all.  I hope so…because I always enjoyed my daing breakfasts…with that native vinegar…yummy.  I’m not put off totally…disappointed yes.  More so because this package of 4 dried fishes cost $3.99 – before the 6% sales tax! 

I also have another theory that my predisposition to salt was affected by my conscious efforts to use less salt and sugar in cooking as a consequence of an experience with a family member’s health concerns. 

Before I moved to the US, that family member got sick and the doctor ordered a strict, no-salt diet which I had to oversee.  I was just terrified of going back to the hospital after several confinements and was determined we were going to have the blandest diet the other side of Salt Lake City.  I even came up with this theory that one should drink as much water as  could possibly manage only to find out water retention is another detriment to your health! 

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  1. Even here in the Philippines, the consistency of the saltiness in the “daings” being sold in the supermarket and palengke varies. I prefer the less salty kind too…for health reasons.

  2. exactly…that’s why it took me 5 years before i bought a pack. besides, i was shocked at the price. we can get it so cheap back home, diba?

  3. hi! i came across your blog via jmom. try washing your dried fish and then drying it for a while before cooking. or it’s really really salty, try soaking it first in water, drain and cook

  4. Hi Honey…thanks for checking out my blog.
    I rinsed the fish in hot water but you’re right, I shoulda soaked it before cooking. There were leftovers and I steamed it with my fried rice…that seemed to help. Actually, it was much better and was eaten “kamay-kamay”…mmmm!

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