Deli Meats from Bretto

In a previous post, I shared how we picked up a few deli meats from Bretto’s Deli in Angeles City in Pampanga.   Here they are, the sandwich fillings and on the next page is the resulting sandwich…

I picked up some roast beef slices, pastrami, sopresa salami, gruyere cheese and some sub mini-loaves.  The tomatoes are from Dizon Farms which is available from the SM Hypermart which is so conveniently located just a 5-minute drive from our place.
Spouse and I were ready not to have any more pastrami or roast beef when we settled here – unless we wanted to pay a steep price for it.  But the prices at Bretto’s are very reasonable. And we had enough for several sandwiches with just a P500.00 purchase.  I wish I kept the receipt…but next time I’ll get their price list and post it here.
To make my loaves extra crisp, I first sprayed the crust with a little water and stuck it in the toaster oven for about 5 minutes.  The I slathered that with some horseraddish spread and mustard  and piled on everything you see from the first photo to make a satisfying carnivore’s lunch….ohhhhh yummy!

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  1. No … I didn’t like the post because I couldn’t eat the screen. I’ve been looking for reasonable priced lunch meat and sausage in the Philippines since I’ve been here. Angeles is a long way from me in Samar, but next time we are even close to that area, we are stopping in. I hope they have a nice supply of roast beef, ham, salami, sausage and that bread. We will have about P3000 to spend. I don’t suppose there is a closer store to me, is there?

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