Dreyer’s Slow-Churned Ice Cream



 Has anyone tried the new slow churned ice cream Dreyer’s has been advertising with that goofy commercial?  I say goofy because I didn’t get it that the man who enters the supermarket is the manager…oh well, my brain was slow-churning I guess.

The idea of an ice cream with half the fat sounded a bit dubious.  How can just slow-churning make it richer tasting?  I don’t know, but it does.  There was absolutely no single ice particle in this pint we got.

I love how rich in flavor this ice cream is.  It was just perfectly-flavored and smooth.  It reminded me of the old-fashioned coffee ice cream from the Philippine brand, Selecta. 

Selecta, to those who know it, used carabao (water buffalo) milk for their ice cream.  Buffalo milk has a much higher fat content than cow’s milk.  The original Selecta ice cream which the Arce family manufactured was the best ice cream you could get in the Philippines when I was a kid.

We also tried the special edition Peppermint flavor.  It was good…but I think I made a mistake with the flavor.  There was this malt shop near our old house in Quezon City that was only open for a few months.  It was run by an American student studying at the University of the Philippines they said.  My favorite ice cream flavor from that shop was peppermint…always the peppermint.

The peppermint in Dreyer’s slow-burned ice cream was the mint candies they normally give at cheap restaurants with your bill…crushed, but just that. I guess I’m getting older…I don’t like peppermint anymore.  It looked really pretty though…white vanilla ice cream with swirls of pink from the candy bits.


NOTE:  The Unofficial Cook will be on the road again later this week.  The posts are all in and those who have left comments before will be able to post in the future.  Everything should run on auto-pilot for at least a couple of weeks.

This trip is going to be extra long.  We’re driving south and leaving the cold behind us….through the high plains of Southern Colorado and the steep slopes of Raton and on to Albuquerque and Gallup in New Mexico.  From there we drive through the Arizona deserts parallel to historic Route 66 and further on to that great Californian Desert, the Mojave.  In that great, sprawling city of Los Angeles we take a plane bound further south – to the Philippines.  A long trip indeed, through beautiful scenery I’ve never been through and ending at home where my family and everything familiar is waiting!