Eurobake – Guiguinto, Bulacan

Eurobake has been around a very long time. This bakeshop made its name with two well-known products: Inipit and Malolos Ensaymada. Even when they didn’t have a Metro Manila outlet, people braved the horrific traffic and flocked to the nearby province of Bulacan for these two goodies. Are they worth it? Absolutely.

An uncle on my mother’s side married a Bulakenya and she introduced the family a long time ago to this shop’s goodies. Like every good daughter-in-law, she brought my Lola Blanca a regular stash every so often.

Spouse and I were there the other week and managed to rack up quite a bill. I just meant to get the Inipit but they also had Cashew Tarts, the Pastillas de Leche made with carabao milk and the Turrones de Casuy in the small, unbranded white tin can that it always came in…and then there was the Malolos Ensaymada. Did you know they now sell Sasa Vinegar? Well…I got a bottle of that too….and some other things.

Then of course, this week…off we went again. I hauled my two little nephews and my mom with us…with the excuse of going to the garden centers nearby. I did too! But this week I was good. I just got another box of the Inipit that the little ones love and call little cakes…and yes, another Malolos Ensaymada…love those ensaymadas that I didn’t have to bake myself in the sweltering heat of the kitchen!

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  1. benj, you’re so right. i felt like i got stiffed when the bill came! i always feel that way now. mmmm…if there’s one thing, prices have certainly gone up since I was last living here…

  2. Hi Tita Mita,

    Reading thur your blogsite made me crave for the foods which I grew up with… Hay nakakagutom naman. 😀

    Ill try to check you site everday..

    Regards to All…


  3. To the owner or manager of Eurobake,

    Ay, naku, just visited your place this morning of Nov. 19, 2008 on our way to Pag-ibig Fund office, we had breakfast with my husband, I like sana to order tapsilog with brewed coffee, but imagine, the price, P170.00 daig pa ang Heaven n’ Egg at Market, Market…… taas ng price, just decided to order na lang ensaymada which I think also very expensive, around 6″ dia @p120/pc and i think 2 days old na kc medyo matigas and medyo mabaho na ang itlog na maalat, (not freshly baked).

    and …………….. the WORST THING, we ordered brewed coffee @p45/cup and it took 15 mins to serve the coffee and yakky……… found in my cup a big BANGAW floating after putting the coffemate. I called the attention of the server and afterwards asked the bill and imagine, asked me to pay the coffee. Kapal ng mukha. Asan ang quality nyo. Noon, 20 years ago, medyo okay kayo. but now parang funeral parlor ang resto nyo, very dark and your servers please lang, train them. Not RECOMMENDABLE

  4. Pwede po bang malaman yung mga price ng isang kahon na inipit atsaka yung ensyamada kasi uuwi ako sa pinas tapos yan ang paslubong ko pabalik ng singapore. thanks! sana di luma yung mga products nyo pag dating ko kasi nakakahiya kung pangit ang quality ng pasalubong ko.

  5. Kenneth, I just featured this company on my blog. I’m not the owner nor am I endorsing them. I can’t recall the prices now but you can get them in several outlets in Metro Manila. If I recall correctly, they have an outlet in the old Greenbelt 3 in Makati.

    May I suggest you get Magnolia ice cream from the airport for pasalubong (meron pa ba sa airport?) packed with dry ice. I remember years ago my non-Pinoy friends in Singapore asked for it. They specified mango and ube ice cream.

  6. the cost doesnt justify the taste….sobrang mahal…tinalo pa ang bread talk, red ribbon and other na may pangalan na. tapos di pa maganda ang texture lalo na ang ensaymada. tipid na tiped yung red egg…madaming ensaymada at inipit na di hamak na masarap at a REASONABLE PRICE. the manager should work out on this matter…or else mawawala mga customers nyo (kaya pala ako lang ang bumibili kanina).

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