European Cafe – Manitou Springs, Colorado

This little cafe is our favorite spot to stop for brunch when we head out to the mountains and little towns west of Colorado Springs.  We stumbled upon this place while antique shopping on the main drag of Manitou Springs.  It was the closest place to the shop we were at and it was past our lunch time, so we just walked in not knowing anything about the restaurant.

I had the Hungarian goulash which came with potato dumplings and pickled sauerkraut on our first visit.  They were so good, it had to be authentic.  The ladies in the restaurant all had European accents so I’m guessing it was authentic.  Authentic or not, they  run a very nice cafe with good food so we kept coming back….again and again.

Last Wednesday, Spouse and I headed to Redstone, Colorado to celebrate our 5th anniversary. Before pushing forward with the four and half hour drive, we stopped for brunch at the European Cafe again.

Their breakfasts are all pretty substantial with 4-egg omelettes or scrambles so I deviated from the usual.  I had bacon, an egg and toast, all picks from the “extras” of their breakfast menu. Here’s a photo of what I had that day:

On closer inspection, here’s what it looked like:


See all that black pepper on my sunny-side up egg?  Exactly how I like it.  That’s what I like about this place…they cook even the simplest things like they were doing it especially for someone at home…

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  1. Hi there! I just discovered your blog and I really like your posts. I especially like the fact that you tackle food from a Filipino’s point of view. Sinu-sino pa ba ang magdadamayan. 🙂 hey, if you have time, please visit my blog too. ( Can I include you in my blogroll? Thanks in advance.

  2. hi ladybug, thanks for the complement. i’ve checked your website….badminton and cooking. now there are two thngs that need to go together. i’d certainly lose some pounds if i took up the sport.

    check out my blogroll here, most are Pinoy food bloggers. I’m sure you’ll enjoy their blogs too. i’ll include you in my blogroll if you include me ;o)

  3. No problem! I already included you in my blogroll. 🙂 Nice to find new friends in the blogosphere. God bless!

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