Fish Steaks

The Philippines has over 7,100 islands and you bet we eat a lot of fish and seafood, aside from rice of course. If you are in the Philippines and thinking of having steaks for dinner, your best bet is fresh fish steaks in calamansi butter sauce.


These fish steaks are what we call “tanigue” from the tuna family. This fish is a delicate, white-meat fish perfect for smoking or grilling, or as a ceviche. It’s very versatile and quite popular in seafood grill restaurants all over the country.

These steaks were supermarket bought but never frozen. I’m loving the fact that any seafood we now eat never has to see the inside of a freezer ever. When we lived in Colorado, I would always think of how far the seafood I was preparing had such a long way to travel to get to my pan. We were in he mountains after all….so far away from the nearest shoreline…way up in the mountains no less.

These steaks were simple to prepare. I made sure they were dry, seasoned them with salt and pepper and cooked them over a hot, stainless steel pan with a little olive oil. I like my seafood moist so the cooking process took only a couple minutes for each side. Just before I took it off the heat, I tossed in some butter and calamansi juice into the pan till it sizzled and then plated the fish.

This is simple, delicious and healthy. Fresh is a bonus, perhaps for toughing it out living in the tropics…just rewards, don’t you think?

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