Garlic Fried Rice



This is a common way of preparing rice in the Philippines.  Sinangag, as we call it, is great for breakfast with virtually anything you can  fry.    I made this to go with the dried fish I posted about the yesterday. 

We use plenty of garlic…a perfect way to wake you up if you  think about it.  Between all that  garlic and the dried fish….mmmmm… *Light Bulb Moment* – that’s why perfumes and colognes are so popular back home!  LOL!  Just kidding….Filipinos won’t back down from any dish because of its smell.

As with any fried rice, you start with some cold, cooked plain white rice.  Most Filipino households will always cook more rice than is needed for dinner precisely because you’ll have enough for re-cooking at breakfast the next day.  In the Philippines, most people do eat rice for all three meals. 

This wasn’t the case for us when we were growing up.  For some reason, I remember we always had pan de sal and oatmeal at the breakfast table.  Unlike some kids I knew then, I liked my oatmeal. In fact, I always hoped there was leftover oatmeal and even looked forward to coming home from school and raiding the refrigerator for that cold oatmeal that turned into a solid mass.

So, how do you make Garlic Fried Rice?

Start by heating a large wok over high heat and adding a tablespoon or two cooking oil.  If you have just cooked some eggs and bacon or fried fish, or tapa or something…use the same wok and oil to cook your garlic rice.

When the oil in the pan starts to ripple, add 3-5 mashed garlic cloves and stir.  Just before it starts turning brown (some prefer it browned, I don’t),  add 4 cups of cooked, cold rice and stir fry.  Add some salt to taste and MSG if you’re not sensitive about it.  Keep stirring for about 8 minutes or until the rice doesn’t stick to the pan and to each other. 

Now for a little secret….cover your wok and bring down the heat to low.  I like to think of this step as “reviving” the rice grains and find it does make a difference.  Keep it covered for about 3 minutes and then stir again.

Serve hot.

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  1. I am married to a filipina. I had heard of this being a common breakfast item in PI, and did enjoy it as part of the free breakfast buffet at my Manila hotel. Funny thing is, I now like to prepare this in the morning with bacon and an egg.

    My wife just will not eat the garlic rice. She loves garlic as most filipinas do, and has rice 3 times a day, but only her plain white rice. I am the one hooked on the garlic rice now. Oh, and I use the a bit of bacon grease for my fat instead of cooking just in oil, and I like my garlic slightly browned. Yummy!

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