Grateful Fans of Cherry Garcia

Spouse just read in some Yahoo group that Ben & Jerry’s ice cream was available in Angeles City, Pampanga. That’s a big surprise cause I thought it wasn’t available at all back home. I thought we’d have to go to Hongkong or Singapore if we wanted another spoonful of our favorite Cherry Garcia once we moved.

Ben and Jerry's Homemade Ice Cream and Dessert Book
Ben and Jerry’s Homemade Ice Cream and Dessert Book

Spouse and I are not big on gorging on ice cream so it’s a real wonder why we weigh as much as we do. I mean… I think our ice cream binges are reasonable enough. A quart of ice cream usually lasts between 3-7 days in our freezer… depending on the flavor of course. We only buy ice cream when we really have a craving which is not every week. Months (cold months) can go by where we don’t buy any ice cream.

Then there was the discovery of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. The tightwad that I am, I felt like a small pint was too expensive at the same price for a quart of some other brand. I never bought their ice cream in the more than 4 years I lived in Colorado. Can you believe that?

I was disappointed with Coldstone Creamery ice cream and decided to stick to grocery store brand ice creams or local ice cream makers like Sinton. Coldstone ice cream has unusually sticky ice cream. How can ice cream have so much carageenan and still call itself ice cream? Duh… ice cream is not supposed to be THAT sticky.

A couple of months ago I noticed that Ben & Jerry’s was on sale at the Peterson AFB commissary where I buy my groceries, so I decided to try it.

Our initiation into the world of Ben & Jerry’s was with their Coffee Heath Bar Crunch. Ohhhhh…man, what an initiation that was! I was amazed at how a teaspoonful of this ice cream was just soooo satisfying. I actually slowed down while I was eating so I could savor all the flavors. The coffee, the choco bits and the crunchy crunch…mmmm. That pint lasted us about 3 days. Next on our list was Cherry Garcia, a flavor we heard was their best-seller. A lady at the supermarket told Spouse her husband loved the Chunky Monkey flavor and we made note to put that in our list.

There’s just no saying what flavor is best. We both love fresh cherries and Cherry Garcia has just the right amount of real cherry flavors and none of that maraschino, artificial, cough syrup flavoring you’ll find in some other ice cream brands. But bang for your buck, Coffee Heath Bar Crunch is the best. I’d even recommend it to those on a diet. There’s only so many teaspoonfulsof this ice cream you can take at one time. The Chunky Monkey had a nice banana flavoring, nothing overpowering but I guess, we’re just not banana ice cream fanatics.

We’re trying more flavors soon as the weather permits. But in the future, don’t expect me to write about any other ice cream but Ben & Jerry’s. In fact, I’ve been looking at their website and noticed they actually give their employees 3 whole pints of their ice cream EVERY SINGLE DAY.  Is that an ideal job or what?!?

I’m still trying to convince Spouse to re-think our move to the Philippines – what about Vermont?  Somewhere close to Ben & Jerry’s so I can get a job with them? Just one summer?  Please?

“Slow down. Savor the flavors. It’s important in life” – Tony Soprano