Practical Kitchen Gadgets

Aside from my Adjust-a-Cup measuring cup, these three other gadgets have become indispensible in my kitchen.  Yes, you can live without them and I have.  But once you start using them, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without.

In the photo is the round and flat meat tenderizer with a hard  ceramic handle – way better than those meat-beating devices with spikes. I also use it for crushing breadcrumbs and nuts.  A great tool is always something with multiple uses.

Behind it is the Microplane lemon zester which also works great for hard spices like nutmeg. My sister got me hooked on this gadget.  She makes great leche flan and uses this quite a lot for zesting lime.  I have to admit, it works better than any zester you will ever come across in your life.  And since this gadget started out as a woodworking tool, you can bet it will last a long time.

Then there’s the meat thermometer.  You know how disappointing it is to roast a whole chicken in your oven, being careful to follow cooking instructions – only to find the inner thigh bone is still bloody.  With a meat thermometer, you don’t have to guess.  Just follow the recommended temperatures for roasting meats and poultry and you have the perfect dinner.  Don’t spoil that roast, don’t play with your family’s health…get a meat thermometer…it doesn’t cost much.