Latik.  What is it?  The best way to describe it is fried coconut milk curd.  Pictured here is the latik as I took it off the  fire.  Leaving it in the hot oil will turn it darker…the perfect topping for a variety of Philippine rice cakes.

It’s quite simple to make.  You take coconut milk and put it in a  wok over medium high heat.  When it boils, turn the heat down and simmer until the oil starts coming out.  The curds will start forming and you can start stirring  to prevent uneven browning.  I like to stir gently so I get bigger curds which I prefer to the alternative.

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  1. I love latik! When I was growing up, I wasn’t a big fan of ube, but when my grandma would make fresh latik, I’d grab a serving of ube, just so I could eat some latik. And she’d make them with big curds like you do.

    Sigh. Good old fashioned Filipino food.

  2. Thanks for the inpiration! I was looking for the perfect topping for my ube cupcakes!

    I’m trying pandan cupcakes next!

    Definitely will bookmark you page. I like it!

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